Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


10. "Where are we?"


Amelia   It's been 2 months now since i started to live with Sean and the boys. All 7 of them. There is Harry,Nate,Paul, David, Leo,Dean and of course Sean. There is one other girl. Her name is Kay.I found out 30 minutes after i arrived that she was Paul's girl. She made that clear.   *FLASHBACK*
  I felt someone shaking me. Slowly i opened my eyes to see Sean stood there.
  "Come on sis" he said  I looked past him and saw a massive warehouse. It looked abandoned 
  "Where are we?" I asked while getting out of the car.
  "We're home" he said and grabbed my arm leading me to a steel door. Sean unlocked the door and stepped inside. Pulling me along with him. I looked around and the inside sure as hell wasn't the same as the outside. Inside was beautiful from what i could see.
  "Come on i want you to meet the guys and girl" He chuckled. "EVERYONE,LIVING ROOM... NOW!!" Sean shouted and i jumped a little. Two minutes later i was told to sit on one of the sofa's as i saw 4 bouys and a girl appear. The girl was beautiful. I just sat there staring at allof them as they sat down on various seats in the room.
  "Right, everyone this is my little sister Amelia Rose..." I cut Sean off. 
  "It's just Amelia or Mia" i said. Which got a couple of laughs because i cut my brother off.
  "As i was saying, this is my sister and she will be staying with us from now one."
  "She's hot" I turned my attention to the guy. i blushed a little. I have never had this much attention from guys before.
  "Hands off David" i looked to Leo who looked like he wanted to punch someone. 
  "Sorry Dude" David said, holding his hands up in surrender.
  "Nate show Amelia her room for me?" Sean asked.
  "Why can't Paul show her?" I looked between all the boys and landed on the boy that sat next to the beautiful girl.
  "Because Nate unlike you, he has a girlfried and he won't be taking from her" The girl said.
  "Oh be quite will you Kay. No on is taking your man from you" Sean said.
  I got up off the sofa. "Can i look around?" I asked Sean.
  "Harry will you show Mia her room. You know which one right?"  He nodded his head a grabbed one of my suitecases and started to walk up the spiral stairs. We stopped at a door and he flung the door open. It was beautiful. We stepped inside and he put the case on the bed. "Come on i will show you everyone elses rooms." He said while walking past me and out the door.  We took a 20 minutes tour before i asked him if he could let Sean know i was going to bed.   *END OF FLASHBACK*   Sitting on my bed just listening to my music, when Sean just walked into my room.
  "Mia, me and the boys are going on a mission tonight. Want me to take you to Lily's?" He asked. 
  "Yeah sure, why not." I replied getting off my bed. I will just get changed. Nodding his head, he left my room closing the door behind him.
  Little did my brother know i wouldn't go to Lily's. She fell out with me after she found out i was seeing Jason. Just something else my big brother doesn't need to know. Me and Jason have been dating for about a month and a half now. I love being with him. He makes me feel safe. Marco and Hunter i like my goofy best friends and as for Julie. She doesn't like me for some reason.You see my brother thought it be good to have me in the gang and so therefore is getting Leo and Dean to train me. So after training i say i am going to Lily's but really i am Jase's. I grabbed my clothes and got changed.  I grabbed my bag and my phone and headed to the garage where Leo and Sean were already sat in the Aston martin. I climb in the back and wait for them to take off. Throughout the ride i would see Leo looking back at me and it made me feel uncomfy. I decided to text Jason.
  To: Jason Hey, i'm on my way over. Pick me up at the usual spot. <3 xxx
  I waited until he text back. I just put my head phones in a listened to music. Music was my life. Everytime i felt down i turned to music. Not 3 minutes later i got a text.   From:Jason See you there beautiful. Your brother dropping you off? xx
  To:Jason Yeah him and Leo. <3 xxx
  10 seconds later my phone vibrated again.
  From:Jason Okay baby. xx
  I put my phone in my pocket as i saw Lily's house come into view.  Once the car stopped i said bye to Sean and Leo and ran around the back of Lily's house. I heard the car speed away and that's when i jumped the fence to the next house and left down the driveway. Meeting Jason and Jet at the corner. I got in the range rover and leaned over a give Jason a small kiss.
  "Hey" I said.
  "Hey baby" Jason said and started the car and headed to his house. That i found out they all shared. 
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