Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


19. "What the fuck is she doing up here"

Amelia     Sitting on the cold, hard basement floor. It was so cold down here, I was starving and in so much pain. I've been sat in the exact same place since Rocco left last night after he beat me for the third time that day.     Suddenly the door to the basement flew open. I scurried in to the corner when lights blinded me. I let my eyes adjust to the light and noticed Kaitlyn walking over to me.    "Hey Amelia" She said sitting beside me.    "He-hey" I stuttered. Moving further into the corner. It wasn't that I was scared of Kailtyn but I was scared of her boyfriend who was stood in front of us.    "Don't be scared Amelia, me or Blake aren't going to hurt you. Blake said you can come up for a little while, since Rocco and everyone else is out. You can have some food and I will clean those cuts too. Come on sweetie" she said, holding her hand out as she stood up.  Grabbing a hold of her hand she helped me stand. I felt a little dizzy at first but soon regained my balance. Kaitlyn led me up the stairs, her boyfriend trailing behind us.    "Blake, will you get me the first aid kit please?" She asked him looking over her shoulder.   "Sure babe" He replied running up another set of stairs to the right of where we stood.  I softly sat on the sofa, Kaitlyn standing in front of me.    "I'm so sorry Rocco did this to you. " she said sitting on the coffee table In front of me. "I can tell you don't know anything about what he wants" she replied a sorrow expression takin over her face. There was a bang from upstairs and I jumped a little bit.  "It's okay just dropped my phone!" Kaitlyn's boyfriend shouted running downstairs and into the living room, handing Kaitlyn the first aid kit.    "I'll go make her something to eat" he said while look from me back to Kaitlyn.    "Thank you baby" she replied pulling antiseptic wipes from the box.  He gave her a small kiss on the cheek and left.    "Okay so this going to hurt a little. Okay?" Kaitlyn warned before cleaning my cuts. It burned but I was somewhat getting used to the pain now.    ~    After Kaitlyn cleaned my cuts I had something to eat and now was sat on the chair in the living room. Kaitlyn was sat on her boyfriends lap. Cuddling and being cute. It made me think about Jason. I missed him so much. I missed his voice, his laugh, his warm brown eyes staring into mine. Without them I feel like a shell of a person. A piece of a puzzle, that's missing its matches. Cheesy I know but I  loved. Love that boy so much. He meant everything to me. It hurt knowing that its been so long and he still hasn't come to save me. My wondered back to the thought  of Jason not actually looking for me. I felt tears fall silently down my face. My vision getting blurred from the amount that was falling. Suddenly the front door opened and in walked Rocco, Chad and some guy I hadn't seen yet.  "What the fuck is she doing up here" he shouted slamming the door shut.Making me flinch. 
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