Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


26. "What are you going on about Amelia?"



After I heard what Amelia was saying to Sean I flipped. I ran out of the house and found the nearest bar. I needed a drink. What did she mean it was my brother who was the one who took her. Alex wouldn't do that. He knew I love that girl.  Yes I said it. I love Amelia.    "Put another one in there" I told the barman handing him my empty glass. I felt somebody sit next to me but i didn't bother to look.    "I know you heard what she said Jason" I heard someone say. Turning to face them i found Sean sat next to me.   "Yes. I don't think Alex would do that man. He knows i love your sister. He wouldn't do that." I argued back. Was i trying to convince Sean or myself? Could my brother really be capable of doing this? Thoughts ran through my head.  Grabbing the now full glass of vodka I downed it like a shot.    "Go back to the house. Talk to her. She needs you Jason, she's not herself anymore."    "Yeah okay." I replied getting up off my seat and headed for the entrance of the bar.  "Thanks man" I said to Sean before pushing the door open and stepping out into the cool air.    ~     Walking through the front door of the Shadows safe house, first thing I saw was Kaitlyn and her boyfriend on the sofa making out.    "Will you two get a room. Bloody hell all you ever do is make out" I shouted walking into the kitchen. Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge I walked back into the living room as Kaitlyn pushed Blake away with a red face.    "Anyone know where Mia is?" I asked from the bottom of the stairs.   "Usual place" Kaitlyn Replied while sitting at the side of Blake and cuddling into his side. Sighing I looked away and started up the stairs. I missed when me and Amelia would do that. When we would sit and cuddle. When I would watch her fall asleep in my arms.    ~    Opening Amelia's door I was shocked at what I saw. The room was trashed and laid in the middle of the floor curled up in a ball was the girl I love so much.  Walking over I bent down and saw tears stains on her beautiful cheeks. A photo of us  in her hand . Taking the photo out of her hand, placing it on the floor next to me.  I picked her up bridal style, I carried her over to the other side of the room and  laid her on the bed. Pulling the dark blue blanket over her small frame I sat at the edge of the bed pushing some strands of hair behind her ear.    "I love you so much Amelia. You are my everything baby. I wish you would let me help you." I whispered. Standing up, I kissed her forehead and headed for the door. Walking back down the stairs I saw that Kaitlyn was sat on her own.     "Hey can I ask you something"    "Sure what is it Jason?" She asked sitting up straight.    "Can you keep an eye on her for me"    "Sure"    ~    After going back to the Tykes safe house and sorting out everything there, I returned to the Shadows safe house. Amelia was awake and sat on the edge of her bed. Out picture in her hand again, head Bowed.    "Hey" I said cautiously.    "Hi"    "Can we talk Mia. I miss you" I sighed   "I miss you too Jason but I have to deal with this my own way."    "Why won't you let me help you Amelia. Why can't you see that's all I want to do!!" I shouted   "Because if I tell you and let you help and let you care, you won't love me anymore and I'm scared of that!!" She shouted back.    "I will always love you Amelia. Why can't you see that? Why is everything an argument with us? I miss the old us"    "You remind me of him, of what he done to me" she shouted at me, tears streaming down her face.   Walking closer to her I felt my heart hurt when she moved further back.   "What are you going on about Amelia?" I asked her. Confused. If Alex had done this to her then how do I remind her of him? I don't look anything like Alex.     "Your twin Jason. Your twin brother raped and beat me for nearly 3 months okay. Is that what you wanted to know. Rocco done this to me. He broke me Jason. He made me scared of the one person I love and trust the most in the world. Rocco made me like this!!" She cried. 
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