Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


5. "Wait you know them?"


Amelia   Jason held me and just let me cry into his chest. I pulled away and saw that my tears had soaked his t-shirt.
  "I'm sorry i wet your shirt Jason" i said, sniffling a little.
  "It's okay Amelia" he replied and pulled me into yet another hug. "Come on let's get you to class"

He stood up and held his hand out for me to grab.
Grabbing his hand, he pulled me up and then started to walk back into school.
  "Okay well i have Maths, what do you have?" I asked him while opening my locker.
  "I have English, but we have break together, right? he asked a bit of hope in his voice.
  "Yeah we do. Meet you at my locker? I will introduce you to Lily". I said, smiling.
  "Okay beautiful, i got some people i want you to meet as well." He said walking away.
  I watched him turn the corner,grabbed my books and headed to maths. Walking into maths i heard a few gasps, i soon remembered my face. Covering my face with my hair, i apologized to the teacher and took my seat near the back of the class. Sitting in maths just waiting for the bell to ring. 15 minutes until the end of lesson and Mrs Shaw told everyone they could talk. 
  "So why does such a beautiful girl like you have a black eye and a bust lip" i heard someone say. Looking up i noticed two boys sat directly in front of me. Twins. I've never saw them, so they must be new.
  "I fell" i lied. Hey they were new, they didn't have to know my life story. I had already told Jason that.
  "I'm Marco he said, smiling. "And that's hunter, my twin" he said pointing to the dude next to him.
  "Hey, i'm Amelia Rose but everyone calls me Amelia" i smiled at them.
  "Well you are beautiful Amelia" Hunter said.
  "Thanks" i said not believing them.
  I jumped in my seat. realizing the bell had gone i got out of my chair and headed to my locker. For some strange reason i couldn't wait to see Jason.
  "What you doing for break?" i heard someone ask behind, turning around i saw Hunter there smiling.
  "I'm actually meeting a friend." I said while continuing to my locker. "What's your next lesson?" i asked stopping just before my locker.
  "Me,Marco and my sister have English." he replied while looking at a piece of paper, i was assuming it was his schedule.
  "Me too" i said "I will meet you there, okay?" I continued.
  "Okay" He said and walked the opposite way.
  Waiting at my locker for Jason to show up. five minutes passed, then ten. I started to think he wasn't coming. Just as i was about to walk away i saw Jason walking towards me.
  "Hey sorry i was late, teacher made me stay behind for being late earlier." He said leaning against the locker next to mine.
  "It's okay, i'm sorry you had to stay back." i muttered.
  "It's fine beautiful, come on i want you to meet some people" Jason said pulling me off my locker gently. We walked until we were outside and at the bench we were sat at earlier.
  "Jason what are we doing here?" i asked him as he sat on the bench.
  "Just wait Amelia, they will be here soon" he said while waving his hand for me to sit down. I sighed and sat next to him. I put my head down and just waited.
  "Yo McCann." I heard someone say, recognizing the voice i looked up and saw Marco, Hunter and a girl walking towards us.
  "Marco, Hunter? What are you doing here?." I asked a little shocked.
  "Wait you know them?" Jason asked
  "Yeah we are in her maths and English class" Hunter answered.
  "Oh, okay. Amelia this is Julie and you've already met Hunter and Marco.
  "Yeah. Hi Julie and Jason how exactly do you know them?"
I asked a bit confused. Jason had just started yesterday, then Marco,hunter and Julie arrive today and they all know each other. 
Confused dot com.

  "We are all cousin's" Marco said.
  "Oh okay, lets in then. I want you to meet Lily" I said looking at Jason.
  "Okay come on" Jason said.
  We all walked in and i just got lots of stares. What the hell. Arriving at Lily's locker, i tensed up. Stood there was Lily,her boyfriend James and Chad.
  "Hey Lily, James and... Chad" I said so low, i didn't think they would hear me. Jason stood at the side of me. I could swear i saw Anger in his eyes.   
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