Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


27. "So what you're just going to leave??"


  Amelia, what are you going on about? My brother is dead. Actually hold on, how did you know about my twin??"    "I - i just told you Jason. He..."    "He's dead Amelia. My brother is dead. Don't you dare say he did this to you!!" Jason shouted after he cut me off.    I stood frozen. Tears in my eyes. He didn't believe me, I knew he wouldn't and that's why I never wanted to tell him.   "O-okay" I cried. I watched as he walked out the room and to god knows where. Pulling my eyes away from the door, I moved towards my closet, yanked the door open and grabbed my suitcase. Placing it onto the bed, I unzipped it and started to grab clothes and shove them into the case.  After I had all the clothes and toiletries I needed I zipped it up and hauled it off the bed.  Grabbing the picture frame off my bedside table. I sat on the bed, took a quick look at the Picture, then placed it in the centre of the bed. With tears streaming down my face I shoot off the bed, grabbed the case and my bag and headed out of the room.  Once I managed to get the case down the stairs, I placed it and my bag by the front door. Walking into the kitchen where I knew Jason was most than likely to be. I let the tears stream down my face. This was going to be the hardest thing in the world. If he didn't believe me though, then there was no reason to stay here anymore.  I would go somewhere he couldn't find me.  Finding Jason leaned against the kitchen counter, a glass of vodka in his hand. I didn't stop the tears, I just walked over to him and kissed his cheek.    "I love you" I whispered before walking out the kitchen and to the front door. I grabbed my things an proceeded to the black range rover that stood on the forecourt of the warehouse.  Putting my case in the boot of the car, I walked around to the front an hopped in to the drivers seat, chucking my bag into the passengers side.  I started the engine and looked back at the safe house one last time before driving away. Maybe not forever but for a long while anyways.   ~    "So what makes you think he won't come looking for you?" Kaitlyn asks, sitting across from me with Blake.   "He doesn't love me Kaitlyn, if he did he would have believed me" I said sitting next to Lily.    After I had calmed down and was finally able to explain to Lily why I had shown up on her doorstep crying I ran Kaitlyn, to let her know I was okay and where I was.  She insisted she come over. I made here promise me she wouldn't tell Sean or Jason where she was going. That's why Blake was with her.    "So what you're just going to leave??" Lily asked from her spot next to me.    "Maybe.. I don't know yet. I might just go away for a few weeks." I replied fiddling with my fingers.   "You know once he know you're gone he won't stop looking for you? He does love you Amelia, it's just hard on him right now. He just found out his twin brother who he thought was dead is really alive and that he raped the girl he loves."  Blake said    "I know" I replied looking down at my hands that sat in my lap.   ~    "So my brother says you can stay here as long as you need" Blake said standing in the doorway of his brothers house. The house I would be staying in for a while.    "Thanks Blake" I said walking into the kitchen to get some water. Blake following behind me.     "You and Kaitlyn are going to make amazing Parents you know." I continued.  
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