Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


15. "Sleep tight"


Sean   2 months... 2 months that's how long it's been since a member of The Tykes brought Amelia home. 2 months of her just staying by herself, in her room, isolating herself from the world. Why? Because She loved him. She truly loved him and now she was broken.   I've been so worried about her. She doesn't come out. She has lost a lot, and I mean a lot of weight. All she does all day is sit in her room crying. She thinks we don't know that but we do.  Knocking on her door lightly I wait for her to unlock the door and let me in. Couple of seconds later she opens the door, looking pale and weak. It broke my heart to see my little sister like this.
  "Come on Amelia this isn't good for your health." I said
  "If you are going to lecture me, then please, leave" 
  "Mia" I spoke up
  "I said leave!" She shouted.  Sighing I got up off her bed and headed for the door. 
  "Do you think he would want you to do this? Huh? Do you" I said and left her room, closing the door behind me. Seconds later I could hear her crying.    As I walked down the stairs I dug my phone out of my pocket. Calling the only person I knew who could make this all better.    Jason and I talked about how he thought it was a bad idea for him to come back. By the end of our hour long conversation we had decided that he would come back because he was hurting just as bad as she was.

    Amelia   2 months 2 days and 3 hours.  That's how long I've been heartbroken for. Why did he do that to me? I decided that today was the day I would actually get up, get dressed and try and at least serif anyone knew where he was. I just wanted an explanation on why?  I got dressed in  Grabbed my phone and walked down the stairs.  Walking into the kitchen I saw Leo and Dean Sitting at the table. They both looked shocked when they saw me. 
  "Hey guys, I'm just going for a little walk. Tell Sean I will be back soon" I said my voice cracking a little. 
  Nodding both boys went back to eating and I walked out the front door.  Just as I left the house my phone vibrated, indicating I had a text.
Hoping that even after all this time that it might be Jason I opened it and nearly dropped my phone.
There in the text was pictures.

Pictures of Jason and Julie. Having fun and kissing.  Underneath the pictures the  text read.  He never loved you. It was always me and always will be. J. 
The tears sprang to my eyes and fell as I walked. Tear after tear fell.  Walking along the trail near lake. Tears streaming down my face. So she was the reason he didn't want me there anymore. She was the reason I was heartbroken.     I stopped abruptly when I heard voices. One yelling and one pleading.  "Please... Please don't do this Spike. I will get the money I promise I just need more time" I heard the pleading voice say. hiding behind the big oak tree that stood at the lake. I could make out four figures standing over a figure that was kneeling on the floor.  "Too late for that Sucre" said the person that was yelling.  Suddenly I heard a gun shot and screamed. Realising what I had just witnessed I started to run but didn't get far. All of a sudden my hair was yanked back. Making my neck hurt.  Strong arms wrapped around my waist and as I started to scream a cloth was placed over my mouth and nose. Two minutes later I felt my body go limp as I heard the last words before I blacked out completely.  "Sleep tight"  
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