Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


2. "Shit!!"

Sat at the hideout, just thinking. Thinking about the beautiful girl i had meet earlier that day. Amelia Rose. Amelia Rose. She had such a beautiful name just like her.  I smiled. "Jason, dude, i was talking to you".  "Sorry man" I said to Jet. One of the many members of my gang. "What you thinking about Boss?" he asked while turning the tv off. "It's nothing. Where the guys and Jules?" I asked him. "Julie's at the store with Leo and the Twins are on a job." He said "Where's the rest?"  "Don't know man. They all went out earlier and ain't come back yet" he replied. "Okay, thanks bro. Just tell Jules, Leo amd Dylan to be up early tomorrow. I sighed  " See you tomorrrow". I got up from my seat and headed towards me room.  I got to my room. Took my Jeans and top off. Leaving me in just my boxers. Climbing into bed i thought about the gang,our eniemes and Amelia. I had only just meet the girl and i already liked her. Shame she had such a douche for a boyfriend. She looked so scared when i had turned up. She looked almost afraid of something. Something i was going to find out.   Amelia

  Crying to myself on my bedroom floor... Something i do daily. "Amelia Rose, where are you?" I heard sean shout from the bottom of the stairs. Clearing my throat. I answered him "I'm up here Sean, what time do i need to be ready for?"  I heard footsteps on the stairs and i knew he knew that there was something wrong. I heard his footsteps outside my door. "Amelia Rose, open the door" I heard him say. "I'm fine Sean. What time do i need to be ready for?" I asked him again. "Are you sure Amelia Rose?" He asked. "Yeah, i'm fine Sean, i promise." I said hoping my voice wouldn't crack this time. "Okay, well we are meeting the boy's in an hour. So get dressed and wear a dress please" I heard him walk away and i just couldn't take it. I got up off the floor and headed to the bathroom that was connected to my room. I ran the shower, peeled my clothes off and stepped in. Letting the water hit off my body, the tears just fell. The hot water running over my body, hitting the new cuts and bruises that i had recieved not so long ago. You see when i got home Sean wasn't here but Chad was. Got beat for showing Jason around and for letting my brother take me to school. I turned the shower off, wrapped a towel around myself and stepped out. I didn't have any dresses so i quickly run across to the one room i haven't been allowed in for over a year now. My big sisters room. I quickly looked through her closet and finally seen a dress that would fit me. I grabbed the dress, went back to my room and got dressed. I did my hair and makeup and then headed downstairs. Walking slowly as i was still sore from earliers beating. "Amelia Rose, will you hurry up. The boys are here"  Little did my brother know i already knew that. I was stood at the top of the stairs. "WOW!!" Leo said while staring at me "That is never you Amelia" Dean said. I blushed a little before getting to the bottom of the stairs. "Come on Amelia Rose, we have something to tell you." Sean said while giving the boys death glares. "Okay, where i we going exactly?" I asked heading towards the door. I heard Sean sigh and i knew i had annoyed him with the question. "We are going to Marcello's" Leo said while walking behind me. "Shit!!" i said.  "What was that Amelia?" Dean asked. "Oh nothing come on lets go." i said putting my best fake smile on.
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