Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


7. "She's pretty Jase"



  I felt very uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Chad and all his friends wouldn't stop giving me and Jason death glares. I had text Chad and told him it was over. He replied with "I don't think so Mia. I will see you tonight". I just smiled at the text. For the first time in forever i wasn't scared of him for two seasons. 1: I had my brother at home now and 2:I wasn't going to be at my house when he came over, i was going to Jason's. The rest of the day, all everyone talked about was, "She cheated on him" "I heard he hit her" "I heard Jason's dangerous". Seriously. Teenage girls and guys today.  Sitting in the living room while Sean is telling me about his gang and their enemy. Their enemy sounds like he can really kick but. He wouldn't tell me their name tho. 
  "Amelia Rose? Are even listening to me?." He asked while staring at me. Oops i must of zoned out. 
  "Of course i am Sean" 
  "Didn't seem like it, what did i say?." 
  I replayed what he said in my head before answering him. "You said that i've to stay out of the gangs business and that the other gang is really dangerous. That they killed two of your gang." I replied while looking at him.
I smiled innocently and looked at my phone. I got up and headed towards the stairs.
  "I am going to get changed" i said walking up the stairs.
  "Why do you need to get changed!?" i heard him yell.
  "I'm meeting a friend!" i shouted back.
  Going into my room,locking the door and advancing to my closet.  I grabbed my red sweater and put that on over my tank and the grabbed my white skinny's  Once i'd got changed i grabbed my black leather jacket and my cream flats.
Grabbing my phone i headed down the stairs to wait on Lily. She was taking me to the park where i would meet Jason.
  "Okay,i'm going now. Will you be home when i get back?" I asked just as the sound of Lily's horn sounded through my ears.
  "I should be back before you, yes" 
  "Okay, well bye. Love You" i yelled, slamming the front door shut.
  Getting into Lily's car, i said my hello and she started the 10 minute drive to Roundhay park. Getting out of the car i felt my phone vibrate.   From:Jason Hey Beautiful, i'm sat near the lake x   Wait when did he give me his number.   To:Jason How did your number get in my phone? :) 
   Seconds later my phone vibrated again.   From:Jason That's for me to know beautiful :P    Stopping as i got to the lake. I noticed Jason and another guy sat on the bench. Walking closer i noticed that i didn't recognize the guy next to Jason. I cleared my throat and looked at Jason as he turned around. 
  "Hey Amelia"
  "Wow McCann, she's even more beautiful than you described" 
  "Shut up Jet" Jason said. "Come on Amelia, lets go"
  He grabbed my wrist softly and pulled me towards a black range rover.
  "Oh by the way Amelia, i don't have parents. We all live with my big brother Alex" Jason said while sitting in the drivers seat. I just stood there, not knowing if i should sit in the back or sit in the front next to Jason.
  "You go in the front with Jase" The guy i now knew as Jet. "I'll just sit in the back" Getting into the front seat, putting my seat belt on. I waited for Jason to start the engine and start driving. As soon as we started to drive i text Lily.   To:LilyPots<3 OMG it's a shame you have a boyfriend :) x   I waited on her to reply. Seconds later i got a text.   From:LilyPots<3 Why? x   I quickly text her back.
  To:LilyPots<3 Jason has a really hot friend :P x   "Texting your brother?" i heard Jason ask.
  "No, Lily" I smiled and put my phone back in my pocket.
  10 minutes later the car had stopped and Jason and Jet were already stood outside the car. Stepping out of the car,i looked around and saw a big house, surrounded by trees. "Come on, let's go meet my very dis functional family" Jason chuckled and pulled me by the wrist. Walking in i was just as shocked by the inside as i was by the outside. Suddenly Hunter,Marco and another guy came walking down the stairs.
  "Alex this is Amelia, Amelia this is my brother Alex" 
  "Hi" I said a little nervous.
  "She's pretty Jase"
That's all that was said before he walked out of the room.   "Come on let's go upstairs"  I heard a few "oh's" and "Get some Jason." I went bright red but started walking after Jason.
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