Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


22. "Okay so what is your deal?"


Sitting next to Jet, looking for any signs as to where Amelia could be being held. 

"Dude this is useless. when did he say he would ring back?" Jet asked, eyes still glued to the screen.

"An hour after he called. It's been three fucking hours" I said my patience going and being replaced by anger.

Eminem's song Not afraid started to play in my head. Suddenly Jet nudge me in the ribs and that's when it hit me. The song wasn't in my head, it was my phone ringing.  Quickly getting out of the seat i ran towards the kitchen table where my phone sat. As soon as i had it in my hand i pressed answer.

"Hello" I spoke into the phone.

"It's Blake, the guy that rang you earlier about Amelia." I heard the person on the other end answer.

"Where the hell have you been, you were meant to call me two hours ago. Where the hell is Amelia!!" I shouted, my anger getting the better of me.

"She's safe, you can come and get her tonight but i want to make a deal first" 

"You want a what? You have my girlfriend and you want a deal. Are you stupid?" I asked

"Just shut up and listen McCann. The guy i work for is ruthless, what he's done to Amelia is bad. I don't want him doing it to my girl when he finds out Amelia is gone." 

  "Okay so what is your deal?" I asked calming down a little.    "I'll bring Amelia to you at a place I pick at a time I want and in return you have to take my girl with you and keep her safe. He replied   "No fucking way. Why should I trust you?" I asked him    "Because I don't want my girl hurt and she and Amelia are somewhat friends now. It's your choice McCann"    "Alright fine. We keep your girl safe and I get Amelia back" I asked while looking at Sean who had just walked into the room.    "Yeah." I heard him reply   "Okay. When and where?" I asked grabbing a pen and paper.   "Tonight at the warehouse I told you about before. I will be there at twelve fifteen with both Amelia and my girl" he replied before the phone went dead.    I quickly ran up the stairs, grabbing my jacket and car keys. Checking the clock that read eleven twenty-five. I ran back down the stairs and straight into the room that held both gangs. 

"Right we are going for Amelia. Everyone, weapons now!!" I shouted checking i had my gun.

Once everyone was ready we were on our way. I was beyond excited, i was getting my girlfriend back.

~ ~ ~


I think my heart just stopped beating. Did Kaitlyn really just say that? Was Jason and my Brother coming to get me out of this hell hole.
I hadn't talked to anyone, even Kaitlyn since the beatings started and when Rocco Raped me i just stopped talking completely  I was broke. He had done that to me. 
Kaitlyn's boyfriend stepped towards me but i flinched away. I didn't trust anyone near me. Only Kaitlyn could sit near me without me having a panic attack. This is what i had become, the broken girl.

"It's okay Amelia, Blake won't hurt you" I heard Kaitlyn say from behind he boyfriend, suddenly she was stood in front of him. "He is just going to help get you up the stairs so i can clean you up" Kaitlyn continued.

Suddenly i felt myself being helped up but i just fell back down, in nothing but pain in my left leg from the big massive cut that ran down my leg.

"I-i can't" I said, tears swelling up in my eyes.

"It's okay Amelia, i'm just going to pick you up okay?." I heard Blake say. I stood froze but then i meet Kaitlyn's eyes and her eyes told me i could trust him. I didn't say anything i just nodded. Suddenly i was being picked up bridal style. I felt myself freeze again, no other guy had touched me since Rocco raped me. 

"It's okay Amelia, Rocco won't hurt you again.You will be home with your family soon." Blake said softly, I just nodded once again.

Blake walked up the stairs from the basement, through the kitchen and up another set of stairs. I was sat on a bed. I swear all i wanted to do once i was sat down on it was melt into it. It was an actual bed and it was so soft and comfy.

"Right i will leave you girls alone, i have a phone call to make." Blake said walking over to Kaitlyn and giving her a quick kiss. "I love you" Blake said as Kaitlyn sat next to me. 

"I love you too" Kaitlyn replied grabbing the first aid kit.

Kaitlyn cleaned my wounds and then said i could lay down on the bed for a little bit, while we wait for the boys to get here. 
As son as my head hit a pillow i was thrown into darkness. Sleep taking over my body.

~ ~ ~

I woke up to my body being thrown about and Kaitlyn and Blake arguing. I kept my eyes closed and just listened. realizing we were in a car, i just laid there.

"You can't do that Blake. I want to be with you" I heard Kaitlyn shout making me flinch.

"I can and i will. Its to keep you safe. why won't you understand that!!" Blake yelled back

"I don't want anyone else to keep me safe. I am safe with you. You can't do this Blake. I Love You" Kaitlyn cried.

"I know baby, i love you too. That's why i'm doing this." Blake replied.

Suddenly the car came a complete stop and i heard the drivers side door open and shut and then i felt the door at my head open and someone pick me up and start walking. Deciding to peek my eyes open a little bit i saw that Blake was carrying me, Kaitlyn right by his side. Tears falling down her face. After two maybe three minutes of Blake carrying me i was set down on something hard. Deciding to open my eyes properly and let them know i was awake. I was shocked at what i saw. My brothers gang and Jason's gang together. Guns pointed at Blake and Kaitlyn.

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