Bruised *Jason McCann Story*

He abuses me when no one is around.
I really should leave him but i can't. What happens when the new kid finds out and beats him up? What happens when i witness a murder? I'm Amelia and this is my story ♥


3. "I am her boyfriend and who the hell are you?"


  All through the 20 minute long ride to Marcello's. I was becoming increasingly more worried. Lets hope Chad wasn't working tonight. I didn't want another beating tomorrow.  Just my luck. We walked in to Marcello's and Chad was the first person i saw. His friend Jamie was walking towards were we stood, waiting on a waiter to show us to our table. I saw them whispering and then Chad started to walk towards us instead. Oh God..
  "Welcome to Marcerllo's table for four?" He asked.
  "We actually have a reservation under the name Davis. Leo said. I watched closely as Chad checked a book and then looked back up at us and smiled.Something wasn't right.   "Right this way." Chad said as everyone started to follow him. Me? I stood froze in my place.
  "Come on Amelia Rose" I heard Sean say. I looked up to see him walking towards me.
  "S-sean, i-i don't feel to good." I said
  "Oh come on Amelia, i have something important to tell you."
  I nodded and started to walk as Sean guided me with his hadn on my back. I looked at Chad to see him giving the guys dirty looks. Specially Sean. He seriously didn't believe me when i said he was my brother. I sat next to Leo, who was just smiling at me.
  "You okay Amelia?" He asked.
  "Yeah, i guess" i answered him, while looking at Chad. Who was flirting with a girl at another table. As much as he beats me and calls me all the bad names in the dictionary. I still love him and seeing him flirt with other girls. It hurt, it hurt a lot.
  "I am just going to the ladies room" I said and quickly getting up from my seat and headed to the ladies room before any tears fell. As i stepped out of the bathroom and walked back to the boys, i saw that Chad was standing by our table. I slowly walked over to them and sat down next to Leo, who put his arm around my waist. I tensed up and moved away from him.
  "So what can i get you guys" Chad said, sending death glares at Leo.
  "I will have the Itailian Chicken and a pepsi" Sean said.
  "I'll have the same as him" Leo said
  I stook my head into the menu. I couldn't look at Chad any longer, knowing that i would get beat for hanging with the boys.
  "I'll have a margarita pizza and a coke" Dean said.
  "And what about you Amelia?" I heard Chad say.
  "Wait! you know Amelia Rose? Sean whisper/yelled.
  "I will h-have a Chicken Sala... I was cut off by Sean's voice once again.
  "Amelia Rose, how do you know this dude?"
  "I-i, h-he's.."
  I was cut off once but this time by Chad. "I am her boyfriend and who the hell are you?" Chad said.
  "I am Amelia Rose's brother and this is my friends, Leo and Dean" 
  We finished are orders and Chad came back with our drinks. "Food will be with you soon" He said and walked over to the girl he was flirting with before. Our food came, we ate and then headed home.  The news Sean wanted to tell me. I nearly had a heart attack. He had told me that he had been gone for the past 7 months because he was the leader of a gang. Dad's old gang. 
  We got back to the house and i just stormed up to my room.
  "Amelia Rose, just listen to me please" Sean said while banging on my room door.
  "I just need time to process it Sean, i will see you in the morning" i said while taking the dress off.
Pulling some shorts and a cami top on and climbing into my bed.  
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