Who would`ve thought getting drunk would find you love ( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

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2. Where the Hell am I ?

Angelina`s P.O.V

I woke up in a car, with a hot guy.  My head was pounding HARD, I definitely regret drinking all that vodka , and crap. "Hey beautiful, I`m Louis Tomlinson." What the  heck  did he just say! "Louis Tomlinson from like One Direction?" I said in shock. My breathing was normal , but inside I was freakinghyperventilating! "Yeah are you a fan?" He said smiling tapping the steering wheel. "NO" I said. "Oh how come?" he said frowning. "Louis William Tomlinson I am not a fan I`M A DIRECTIONER! I said giggling loudly. "Really wow, that`s cool  who is your favorite?" He asked looking at me in the seat licking his lips. I blushed ferociously . "You" I said feeling my cheeks warm up turning a crisom color. "We are here!" He said getting out the car. He slammed his door, running to my side. He opened my door. He grabbed my hand. Pulling me out of the car.



Sorry Guys if its short I`ll be back in five minutes to update probably ten minutes or so, okay KEEP READING!

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