Who would`ve thought getting drunk would find you love ( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

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3. Im Falling For Her

Louis` P.O.V

I smashed my lips on to hers. Tingles were sent all through my whole entire body. I licked the bottom of her lip as she did to mine. Sparks flew through my body. "Louis"she said in the middle of it. That just made me more into it. It became rougher than it all ready was. I pulled back as soon as Harry ran outside. "Hey Louis! Whats- Wow! Who`s this girl"Harry said licking his lips. "Hi Harry i`m Angelina, I`m a huge fan." she said. "Oh wow  nice to meet you Angelina , well i `m Harry as you know" . Harry said I could tell he was into her , he licks his lips at her and keeps looking up and down at her. She obviously notices because she blushing ferociously."My sister would go CRAZY if she knew I was talking to the one and only Harry Styles she would scream! All she does is go: OH HARRY!!!! HAROLD EDWARD STYLES IS SO DANG CUTEE!!!! I WANT HARRY AND HIS GRAVY!!!!!!!! HAAARRRYYY!" She yelled giggling like crazy. Damn. Her laugh is the most precious thing I`ve ever heard. "Okay" I said clapping. Harry ran inside quickly. "Wanna stay here tonight?" I asked. " Sure , but can we hang out?"she said. "yeah sure lets go inside so you can meet the guys". I said flashing a smile at her. She saw me and she smiled slapping a hand over her mouth and mouthing OH MY GOD! behind my back I chuckled at her. "Wow You must like me alot" I asked her. "Hell yeah your sexy we can like twerk together!" She laughed. We walked inside and she stood there shocked. She put her head into my chest and said:"Ew Harry!" I wrapped my arms around her waist and yelled: "HAROLD PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!" ."Only if the girl gives me a little peck!" He replied. "Fine" She groaned. She tried to walk with her eyes closed. "Um Haz- AH! She tripped on me laying on the floor, she landed on top of me as her eyes fluttered open , her hazel eyes were enchanting it fit  her face perfectly. "Um Sorry if I - Tripped on you" She said with a little giggle escaping her lips. "It`s okay" I said as I helped her up by lending her my hand. "Go straight and then there`s Harry" I directed her to naked Hazza. " She pecked his lips and ran straight to me. "Now Harry go put some clothes on before I leave!" She yelled covering her eyes. " Oh I love you so much I wish you were mine." She mumbled low in to my chest. I smiled at the thought of hearing that I had to reply . " I love you too, and I want you to be mine" I said kissing the top of her head. I could feel her lips turn into a smile as her head was buried into my chest.  I`m falling for the most beautiful girl I`ve ever met .

Angelina`s P.O.V

"Oh I love you so much I wish you were mine" I mumbled into Louis`comfy yet tough chest hoping he didn`t hear me. And I was certainly surprised to hear him say " " I love you too, and I want you to be mine". A smile tugged on my lips. I Lifted my head and kissed his lips . His lips were amazingly soft. I never wanted that kiss to end his perfect shaped lips were, so warm and comfy. Our lips were molded together. Me and him when we kissed it felt like nothing could stop us , he was so "Incredible".

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