Who would`ve thought getting drunk would find you love ( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

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1. "Harry is not gonna believe what happened!''

Angelina`s  P.O.V

I was COMPLETELY Drunk. Like Hard core drunk.  kinda blurry vision and stuff. I was about to make out with some random guy but , a very cute man  bumped into me. "Oh my god I`m sorry I didn`t mean to Bump into you." He said licking his very cute plump lips. "It`s alright im Angelina!" I yelled . The music was loud. DJ Pauly D really had it going. "I`m Louis your really hot." He said with cute eyes and a chuckle. And then I saw black , his words were the last thing I heard.


Louis` P.O.V

Angelina just passed out , out of no where. She had WAY too much vodka , the whole time I was there I had my eyes on her. She was meant to be mine. She was wearing a striped tight dress that comes up to the mid thigh, it had Red and blue stripes on it. Sexy. I picked her up and ran into my car. Harry is not gonna believe what happened. I strapped her into a seat belt and drove off to me and Harry`s house. Oh Great She`s Waking up!!!!!!

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