There and Back Again

My names Meghan, I'm sitting here with my best friends Christina, Anita, and Ezri as were all waiting for our boyfriends to walk in through the door from their long tour, but as were watching the news and we hear that plane 286 has crashed and is no where to be found, we were loosing our hope in them walking through the door.


6. Chapter 6

Liam's POV

Niall was still unconcious but at least he was breathing a little. As I saw Louis go sliding down the plane, i thought i had just imagined it until i felt my self being pulled towards the front of the plane and with that i told Harry to hold on to the seat and make sure Niall didnt go flying. He was still crying, which tore my heart apart. 

"Hold on Lou!" I shouted to him over all the noise. Louis shook his head and said something but i couldnt understand him. I slowly crawled over to him. "No Liam, you get Niall to safety first, he 's unconcious!"Louis said. I shook my head no. "No Lou! Im not leaving anyone behind, and Harry is back there with Ni. Now shut up, and grab my hand!" I said. He grabbed my hand, and pulled me up to where he was and we crawled back to where Niall still lie unconcious. Then i looked around and realized something. "Wait, where's Zayn?!" Louis said. 


*Sorry its so short ive been super busy, but the next chapter will be really long!:)*

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