There and Back Again

My names Meghan, I'm sitting here with my best friends Christina, Anita, and Ezri as were all waiting for our boyfriends to walk in through the door from their long tour, but as were watching the news and we hear that plane 286 has crashed and is no where to be found, we were loosing our hope in them walking through the door.


5. Chapter 5

Meghans POV

"Whoops, Sorry M'am" Some guy said to me. I was covered in coffe. Just great, I thought, now i get to sit here covered in coffee. I just gave him a smile and nodded an its-ok-just-leave nod to him. He left getting that we didnt want him here. 

Ezri and Christina had just arrived. "Hey" I mumbled, not feeling so good. 

Christinas POV 

I wanted to laugh out loud at the fact the it looked like Meghan had just peed her pants, but at a time like this i just couldnt get the laugh out, I thought. I ran over to the bathroom and came back with a handful of paper towels. 

"Here," I said 

"Thanks," Meghan said. I'd NEVER seen Meghan like this, I mean ive seen her cry but not like this, she just really never crys and seeing her like this makes me wanna cry, her once glittering blue eyes had gone to a stormy gray color and her hair was a mess, but i walked up and hugged her. We started crying together. She hugged me tighter. And then next i know all four of us are in a group hug crying at the fact they may never get to see our boys again. 

"Ok guys, we need to stop crying, were in public" Ezri said. Ezri wasnt a big crier either, in fact she hated crying anywhere except home. 

"True..." Mumbled Anita

"Girls" the girl behind the counter said. "Im afraid we may have some bad news"

That was I started sobbing so hard. "Jusst tell us.." Meghan muttered through her tears.

"Well, see...I just got news that Plane 286 has gone down in the middle of the ocean and im afraid we lost contact with them." She said with a sad look on her face.

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