There and Back Again

My names Meghan, I'm sitting here with my best friends Christina, Anita, and Ezri as were all waiting for our boyfriends to walk in through the door from their long tour, but as were watching the news and we hear that plane 286 has crashed and is no where to be found, we were loosing our hope in them walking through the door.


4. Chapter 4

Louis's POV

Harry was a nervous wreck, we couldnt get him to calm down. And all the beeping and screaming didnt help at all. I was about to explode, i couldnt let this happen, I had to see Ezri before the end of the summer, I missed her silliness so much. 

"Louis, go tell Liam to put Niall under these breathy thingys and Harry too! Quick, while i go help this lil girl!" Zayn said. 

I nodded and ran over to Liam again. Liam and Harry were still crying just sitting waiting for the plane to go down but i wasnt gonna let that happen. "LIAM GET NIALL UNDER THE BREATHING THING, AND HARRY GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR ASS AND BUCKLE YOURSELF IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, THIS ISNT A GAME!" I shouted. That surely got their attention, I thought considering they were moving fast now.  I tried to move back to my seat but all i felt was the plane slowly tipping over. 

Zayns POV

"Shhhh, little girl, its ok, Wheres your mommy?" I asked the curly haired, little girl, who reminded me so much of my babe, Anita, God did I miss her. 

"She......went flying...out the back" The little girl sobbed. I looked at the back of the plane and noticed the engine had gotten ripped off and the whole back was in fire now. It was a scary site. I slowly crawled over to the little girl and told her to come where me and Lou had been sitting, and she followed me i put her in the seat next to me, then put the breathing thing on her mouth, and told her to stay there.  I tried walking back to see if there was anyone else that needed help but before i could I slowly felt the plane dip down into the ocean, and then a scream, and then a feeling that this would be my last sight of sunlight. 

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