There and Back Again

My names Meghan, I'm sitting here with my best friends Christina, Anita, and Ezri as were all waiting for our boyfriends to walk in through the door from their long tour, but as were watching the news and we hear that plane 286 has crashed and is no where to be found, we were loosing our hope in them walking through the door.


2. Chapter 2

Liam's POV

I was talking to Niall about what i should get Christina for Christmas when it happened.

"Niall, I just dont know what to get her! She hasnt even told me what she wants and theres only like two weeks till christmas!" I said 

"Lad, Its ok, just think of something from your heart and you'll have it!" Niall said

"Yeah, but what if she doesnt like it? Or already has it?!" I said

"Liam, calm down bro, its ok, i got your back ok? I'll help you when we arrive in Charlotte, and go to Meghan's house. Damn, i dont even know what Meghan wants." Niall said

"You two are so cute together, i swear" I said, it was true, Meghan loved food just as much as Niall did, and thats pretty much impossible. 

"So are you and Christina, lad!" Niall said with that thick irish accent. 

Right then i heard a scream coming from the back of the plane, and then came the rattling. 

Nialls POV

There was nothing more scary then a crashing airplane. And once i felt the plane drop, everything went black.

Harrys POV

Nothing was more scary then seeing Niall pass out like that, well maybe except the fact that the plane was going down, but the way his eyes just rolled in his head when that seat came flying at his head, was scary as hell. I was pretty sure he was dead but i wasnt going to think that. I guess i didnt know i was screaming Nialls name until Zayn clamped his hand over my mouth. "Shut the fuck up, Harry, You're making things worse by screaming Niall's name" He said

"Shut the fuck up? Zayn, Niall just got hit in the head at a flying chair and he just passed out, i think i have a right to scream one of my best friends name!" I said.

"Calm down Harry!" Louis said. 

I unbuckled my seatbelt and rushed over to Liam who was holding Niall in his arms, crying. By the time i saw him i was crying too, his head was gushing out blood and his hands were blue from i dont know what. 

"Liam! What happened?" i barely said. Niall was always there for me and the other boys, he couldnt just die now. 

"I...I.. d-d-dont k-k-know" He studdered. 

"Liam, just spit it out!!" I yelled.

"When the chair......came flying....and hit his head........he passed out instantly....and then i unbuckled him and he fell out of his seat with no motion in his all..and then...i just let him fall...i didnt..mean too...Dont hate me, Harry, Dont hate me..." Liam said

"Liam. I-I-I.... dont hate you.....its not your fault!" I said putting my hand to his neck seeing if i could feel his pressure point.

When i didnt feel anything beating I fell to the floor bawling like a little baby, gripping my hair, and rocking back and forth. Louis, Zayn, and Liam tried to comfort me, but they werent the ones who had just lost their best friend 

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