There and Back Again

My names Meghan, I'm sitting here with my best friends Christina, Anita, and Ezri as were all waiting for our boyfriends to walk in through the door from their long tour, but as were watching the news and we hear that plane 286 has crashed and is no where to be found, we were loosing our hope in them walking through the door.


1. Chapter 1

"Ugh, where are they? They were suppose to be here a hour ago!" I said. The TV was on we were all waiting for our boyfriends to walk through the front door.

"Meghan, calm down! Im sure they will be walking through that door any minute!" Anita said, panic in her voice as well. Anita was one of my best friends, she had brown hair and dark eyes. Then there was Christina and Ezri who could've been twins, with long brown hair and big brown puppy eyes. And then there was me, the only blonde of the group and blue eyes. 

I was pacing the room back and forth now, freaking out. Where were they?!  Christina and Ezri were just sitting on the couch watching the news, I decided i would too. 

Ezri's POV

You know somethings bad when Meghan worries, she just never worries about anything unless she knew something was wrong, she's just very carefree and happy, but right now she wasnt. And when other people worry i start to worry which isnt good cause i know im not that pretty when i do. I guess since Meghan was snorting-yes she snorts, its rather weird, but shes Meghan-everything was okay.

Me and Meghan had met in a very odd way, it was the first day of my drivers test and her mom was teaching me, she was in the backseat listening to What Makes You Beautiful, and i wasnt really a fan of them, YET. You can blame Meghan for my obsession! Its her fault!! But anyways she was singing the words when her mom had yelled "Shut up Meghan!" The moment i heard her mom say that i could tell she was a alcoholic. She was drunk, bad. After my drivers test, i walked over to her and said "Do you have to deal with her everyday?!", Meghan looked at the ground sadly and said "Yeah.." I had felt bad for her but if i wouldnt have said those words to her she would have never moved in with me and my parents tthis summer. And the more i got to know her, she couldnt help but show me One Direction's video diaries, which was the worst yet best mistake of my life. 

Anita's POV

Christina, Meghan and I were all sitting on the couch, laughing at what Christina had just said. Ezri was over in the kitchen cooking us dinner. Dang, Zayn and the boys were so late. Meghan, Christina, Ezri, and maybe even me if they didnt show up soon, were gonna be so pissed. 

"Where do you think they are guys?!" I said 

"Got no fucking clue, but they better show their asses up quickly before i whip them, or there gonna have to deal with MaMa Ezbra" Meghan said laughing. She had given Ezri that nickname in 7th grade, because someone had called her Ezra and she had missed heard them tthinking they had said Ezbra, and so it stuck for all these years. 

"Haha nice one Meghan" Christina said.

"Wow, i cant believe you even remember that!" Ezri said. 

"How could we forget" Christina, Meghan and I said in unison.

"Whatever" Ezri said, as we were laughing, except Ezri.

Then she just blew up, "You know what guys, Im so sick of these jokes i mean come on! were almost 19!! Shut up"

"Awww, Come.." Christina said.

"...On Ezri. We were only joking" I finished.

Then she just burst out laughing, and soon we were all crying cause we were laughing so hard. Thats what Ezri does to us she ALWAYS makes us laugh. 

Meghans POV

I was wiping away the tears, when i turned my attention back to news, which i probably shouldnt have because when the tv said "Breaking News, plane 286 has just crashed and is said to have worldwide sensation One Direction on it, stay tuned for more news after commercial." and with that i was bawling harder then i ever had.

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