What a Party!

One Direction FanFiction
3 girls go to a party and accidentally knock on the door and Harry Styles from One Direction answers the door and invites them in even though it wasn't the party they where invited to. Find out what happens after a long night with the 5 members of one direction. *Sexual Content*


3. The Pool..

Katie's POV

Louis and I were sitting on the couch talking while Liam and Zayn were playing XBox in the basement, Nina and Niall were in the kitchen, and Maddy and Harry ran off somewhere. Nina and Niall walked into the area that me and Louis were sitting at and sat down."Lets play truth or dare" Louis said. Everyone agreed. "Truth or dare...... Louis" Niall said."Dare" Louis replied."Ok um i dare you to...... go jump in the pool..." Niall said to Louis"Ok thats easy eno-" "No, you didn't let me finish.. you have to jump in the pool naked." Niall finished "Um haha ok but does everyone have to watch me...?" Louis replied."Yes." Niall replied.Oh god.. I like really want to see this. Like just imagine an extremely hot guy jumping into the pool....naked!"Ok.." Louis said I can't believe that he's actually going to do this...Louis started to take off all of his clothes just leaving him in his boxers and started to walk out to the pool. We all followed. Once we were all standing in front of the pool, Louis took off his boxers and jumped in. Niall burst out laughing and so did Nina and I. Louis came back up to the surface of the water."Katie truth or dare?" Louis asked me.Oh god i knew this was going to be bad.. But without even thinking i said.."Dare."A smile crept onto his face and he replied.."Ok i dare you to jump into the pool as well." Ok thats not so bad. I thought"But you must be naked also." Louis finished I never pass up on a dare.. so I decided to just do it and get it over with.I took off all my clothes and jumped in. When I came to the surface, Louis was staring at me with wide eyes."Is there something on my head!?!?!" I jumped "No no no. It's just ... you are amazing!" He said looking me up and down. I blushed and mumbled a thanks. I looked back to where Niall and Nina were standing and they weren't there. They must've went back in the kitchen.I looked back at Louis and he was staring at me. He started to lean in and so did I. He placed his lips on mine and it started out as just a kiss but went into a make out session. Good thing Niall and Nina weren't there. Louis massaged my breasts. I pushed him toward the wall, still kissing him. i grabbed his hard shaft and started pumping it. He moaned my name through the kiss. He them pulled my legs up and i wrapped them around his waist, he positioned himself at my entrance and thrusted into me. 


"LOUIS" Katie yelled. Ive never had pool sex before but it was great. Especially with katie. She is damn sexy. 



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