What a Party!

One Direction FanFiction
3 girls go to a party and accidentally knock on the door and Harry Styles from One Direction answers the door and invites them in even though it wasn't the party they where invited to. Find out what happens after a long night with the 5 members of one direction. *Sexual Content*


2. Louis House


I open the door to find three very attractive girls. The tallest one has dark brown hair and brown eyes. The middle one was the hottest in my opinion, she has light brown hair and green eyes like me. The third one has red hair and brown eyes."Were here for the party..." the tall one said."Come right in!" I said. I looked at the boys and made a motion to go along with me."Oh i almost forgot, Im Harry!" I said"Im katie."the tall one said, and this is Nina and Maddy.


We walked in and saw 4 other boys that looked about our age. I looked at the hottest one with straight brown hair. I watched his blue eyes light up as we caught glances. I looked around at the other boys and they are all hot but don't compare to him. He walked over to me and introduced himself. "Hi, im Louis" he saidI could feel my heart start to race. "Im Katie" i replied."Is this everyone thats coming to the party? Nina asked."No everyone is just late.. Louis said.


The 4 other boys walked up to us."Im Zayn" Zayn has dark brown hair with a streak of blond in it."Im Liam" Liam is cute and has a buzz cut."Im Louis""Hello im Harry" Harry and Louis are both very hot. Harry has curly brown hair and louis has straight brown hair."Im Niall" Shit. Niall is definitely the hottest. He has blond hair and blue eyes. "Do you girls want a drink?" Louis said."Sure!" we all said in unison. We sat down and talked for awhile. I can tell we are all having a great time, and didn't even realize we are the only other people there.



"Maddy wanna play pool with me?" Harry asked."Sure! I said with a smile. But your going to loose..""We'll see about that" Harry said with a big grin.


He is perfect. His brown curly hair. The way he talks. His muscular body. I feel like I've known him for years. He's sweet and funny. Ughh I want him. Please like me. Please like me. I couldn't stop thinking about him until i felt a burst of pain in my finger. "Ow!" i yelled "Harry! Why did you do that?" i said. "I'm sorry!! I didn't see your finger there when i shot the ball!" he said as he rushed over to me. He came to me from behind and wrapped his big muscular arms around my stomach. He kissed my cheek softly. I turned around and gave him a passionate kiss. He kissed back, then pulled way, but i didn't know why. He whispered quietly in my ear "lets go" he took my hand and led me into a bedroom. We walk inside a really nice bedroom. Harry grabed my waist and kissed me passionately. I pulled off his shirt and he pulled off mine. He stopped kissing and looked at my breasts. "Ok. Wow. your bras coming off. He unhooked my bra and grabbed my breasts, massaging them and kissing them. Then he layed me on the huge bed with him on top. I unbuttoned his jeans and he slipped them off, revealing his huge size. He kissed my lips and then my neck, and down to my stomach. Then he kissed right above my lace thong, and pulled it off slowly. He kissed at my wet center, and put a finger in and pumped it and out, curving it and hitting my g-spot every time. I was about to cum when he pulled his finger out. "You fucking tease." I giggle. I was on top now. I puled off his boxers, and I pumped his shaft. I then licked the pre-cum off, and put his dick in my mouth, and bobbed my head up and down. M-maddy I'm gonna- I quickly took him out of my mouth, "thats what you get." He got on top of me again and kissed me. "just get in me already" i said through the kiss. he let go of my lips and thrusted into me. "Damn Maddy, your so tight!" "Faster harry!" Harry is huge. i felt my walls clench around him. "Harry! i yelled. Im gonna c-cum!" "Me too" he said. we both climaxed together. We smiled at each other and he pulled me next to him and we cuddled. "Your so beautiful" He said. "Thanks Harry, I'm really happy we met." "Me too." He said





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