What a Party!

One Direction FanFiction
3 girls go to a party and accidentally knock on the door and Harry Styles from One Direction answers the door and invites them in even though it wasn't the party they where invited to. Find out what happens after a long night with the 5 members of one direction. *Sexual Content*


1. Getting Ready


"Should I wear my blue or black skinny jeans?" I said"Wear the blue ones" Nina said.We were getting ready for a big party that Sam Levin is having. It's gonna to be a good party considering he's rich and is really popular. Its our first party since we moved here from America a month ago. So I'm kinda nervous. I know ill have fun though. Nina is wearing short washed out jean shorts and a tight v-neck. Maddy is wearing blue jeans and a floral shirt. I'm wearing blue jeans and a flowy top with a cardigan."I hope I meet some hot guys there haha!" Nina said. We all agreed.We got in my car and drove to the party. As we were driving up Sam's street, we noticed that we couldn't see the house numbers, so we pulled up to the big one with 5 cars in front of it and some really loud pop music playing."I hope this is his house." I said. Nina knocked on the door and the door opened with an unfamiliar face...


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