What a Party!

One Direction FanFiction
3 girls go to a party and accidentally knock on the door and Harry Styles from One Direction answers the door and invites them in even though it wasn't the party they where invited to. Find out what happens after a long night with the 5 members of one direction. *Sexual Content*


4. Cooking and Showers


"I'm hungry" I said "me too" Nina replied." lets go get some food in louis kitchen." We walked upstairs and opened the pantry. "Goldfish!" I exclaimed. "Yes!!" 


I started throwing the goldfish up and catching them in my mouth. "I bet you can do three at a time" Nina said. I laughed. "easy" I threw three goldfish up and they all fell on the ground. Damnit. Ok, you try" i said back. Nina threw them up and caught all three in her mouth. I took a handful of goldfish and threw them at her. We both laughed and she threw some back at me. "its on!" I laughed. I took a handfull of goldfish and chased her around louis house. NIna is so beautiful.


I ran to the back door and stopped when my foot landed in a bucket of paint. Not thinking I grabbed the bucket and ran to the side of louis house, hiding. when i heard nialls footsteps i splashed the bucket of bright green paint all over him. He stopped running and looked really mad. "Niall I'm really sorry i wasn't thinking." I put the paint bucket down and walked towards him. In an instant niall grabbed the bucket of paint and splashed me with it. Luckely I poured most of it on him so i only got a little on me. Niall came up to me and gave me a big hug, putting the paint all over me. "you weren't gonna get away with that." We both laughed. He stared into my eyes and them kissed me. he picked me up bridal style. "Niall put me down!!" "Nope" he replied. He carried me back into louis house and up the stairs. We walked into a room which looked like the master bedroom, Louis' room. Niall stopped when we reached the huge bathroom. He put me down then turned on the shower. He turned to me and kissed me passionately. "Yuur so beautiful....even with paint all over you." He continued kissing me. "Do you have Irish in you?" "No" I replied. "Do you want to?" "Yes" I giggled. He pulled of my shirt and bra. "The showers ready love." Niall said. We both stripped down and got into the shower. I watched as the green paint went down the drain. Niall turned to me and i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. Niall grabbed my bum "Jump" He whispered. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I felt his hard at my entrance. He thrusted into me. "Niall" I moaned. Your so tight babe" Niall said. Niall kept up a good pace. Nina, I'm gonna cum.. he said as we climaxed together. 

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