harry and the doctor

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  • Published: 29 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 29 Aug 2016
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Harry is doing his chores whilst his aunt and uncle were away on holiday.When suddenly a mechanic whirring is heard from the corridors; it was the tardis and the doctor has mysteriously arrive. what does he want?


4. The solemn ride home

With this reply, a silence followed. Harry was trying to understand the concept of The Doctor's reply. He stood motionless beside the stairwell deep in thought. The Doctor had walked back to the console and was putting the co-ordinates of Harry's house in. This silence ensue through most of the journey until it was broken by Harry. 

'So, where are you from?' Harry asked walking towards the console. 

The Doctor was silent for a minute, his face downcast. He was contemplating whether to tell Harry about his hometown. He tended to keep this information until he gained a trust with his companions first and they had been with him for a longer time. It was one of his pasts that he didn't really like to relive. He took a deep breath and turned to face Harry. 

'You might not believe me. I'm from Gallifrey, a planet quite far away. I'm a timelord, a near extinct species. This means I can regenerate if I die.' he said slowly.

Harry was being bombarded with information, information that was so out of this world, it was unbelievable. From what he could work out, he was travelling with a person that was from a planet he never heard of; not from his muggle school or hogwarts. He never believed that aliens existed and this man who calls himself 'The Doctor' says they exists and that they pose a threat to earth which means they pose a threat to the muggleworld and the wizarding world. How was he to convince the ministry of magic and the muggle government of this. 

Harry looked up at The Doctor. 'So are all the aliens dangerous?' He needed to make sure that even if both the ministry of magic and the muggle government believe him that he got all his information correct not that he believes The Doctor's words. 

The Doctor raised his eyebrows, surprised at Harry's complete lack of knowledge but then again, It's become quite a common reaction from his first companions and he shouldn't be surprised anymore. He pulled up some files on the screen and showed them to Harry. 

'Most aliens starts off being enemies but sometimes I can negotiate them to change their plans and they become allies and then they helped us defeat those aliens that refuse to change. I tend to keep the killing option as a last resort.' The Doctor explained. 

The tardis suddenly stopped and the doctor opened the door. They were back in Uncle Vernon's garage. Fortunately, there was no one about. Harry step out and The Doctor linger at the doorway of the tardis watching Harry. Harry turned around grinning. 

'Thanks for the amazing adventure, it was nice meeting you. You know you're not bad for an alien' 

'Thanks take care now.'

Harry waved goodbye and the tardis started. Harry smiled and continued to do his chores.

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