harry and the doctor

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  • Published: 29 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 29 Aug 2016
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Harry is doing his chores whilst his aunt and uncle were away on holiday.When suddenly a mechanic whirring is heard from the corridors; it was the tardis and the doctor has mysteriously arrive. what does he want?


2. The Doctor's invite

Harry didn't know what to make of this. He had no idea who this strange man is or what he was doing here but he did have an inkling that his day was about to take a surprise change. The man was looking down at him beaming. 

'Excuse me, sir, may I enquire of the purpose of your visit?' asked Harry nervously

The man looked confused for a minute, looking everywhere to see who had spoken. Harry was covered in dust and was hardly visible. The man then looked closely at Harry and chuckled heartily. 

'My! You've been working hard, young man. Tell me what's your name, your job and where I am?' the strange man said in a strong Scottish accent. 

'well, my name is Harry Potter, I am currently a wizarding student at Hogwarts school and you are in Little Whinging, Surrey and you still haven't answer my question' replied Harry.

'Ah, that's because I don't have a precise answer, you see I wanted to go to see the meteor shower of 1986 but I don't know why the tardis bought me here. No need to worry though, this happens all the time.' answered The Doctor. 

Harry was still bemused by this strange character which 'crashed' into his uncle's garage. He couldn't comprehend what was happening but he can safely say that this is about the most fun he had all the summer. The Doctor was about to go back into the tardis when he stopped and turned back to face Harry. 

'Say, young lad, you wouldn't want to come on an adventure with me, would you?' he said winking at Harry. 

Harry was sceptic of what this 'adventure' would entitled but it would surely beats doing chores all day. Plus his aunt and uncle won't miss him right? In fact, they be glad won't they. Harry nodded and stepped into the tardis. He was breathless at the huge dimensions of the tardis. It was bigger on the inside than the outside.  The Doctor however didn't seem that bothered. 

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