harry and the doctor

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  • Published: 29 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 29 Aug 2016
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Harry is doing his chores whilst his aunt and uncle were away on holiday.When suddenly a mechanic whirring is heard from the corridors; it was the tardis and the doctor has mysteriously arrive. what does he want?


1. An unexpected visit

Harry was clearing out the garage, one of the tasks that he had to complete by nine out of the countless others that he had still left to do. He jumped down from a rather muddy abandoned washing machine where he was standing on in order to reach a high shelf which he was in the process of clearing. He let out a big sigh and plonk himself on a rather shabby looking stool. He reached into his right jumper pocket and pulled out a neatly folded tattered piece of paper; he unfolded it and stared at it. He looked around at the untidy garage and sigh. 

'This would be a lot easier if only I could use magic!' he thought to himself. He shook his head, re-folded the piece of paper and stuff it back in his pocket. He then reluctantly got off the stool, jump back onto the washing machine and continue to tidy the shelf. Unfortunately, with Harry living in the muggleworld, the use of magic is strictly forbidden in case any muggles were to see which would put the ministry of magic and the whole of the wizarding world in jeopardy. It was almost midday and so far Harry has only completed two of the tasks that was set by his horrible aunt and uncle. They have left Harry alone whilst they went on a week's holiday to the lake district being the summer holidays. 

Harry had wanted to stay at Hogwarts for the holidays but wasn't allowed since he would be the only one there. He would live his whole life at Hogwarts if he could; well anywhere really as long as it's not with his aunt and uncle. His friend Ron and his family was away somewhere at a top secret location for a special retreat only wizarding families are allowed so he couldn't stay with them for the holidays.

Ever since Harry was old enough, he was made to be 'the servant' of his uncle's household. He was bully by all three members; his aunt Petunia, his uncle Vernon and his cousin Dudley. However, Dudley has gotten nicer since Harry saved him from the dementors, an incident which nearly got Harry expelled from Hogwarts and  professor Dumbledore expelled. 

Just then, Harry heard a strange whirring sound coming from behind him. It was a strange mechanical whirring sound that Harry have never heard before. He turned around confused, his glasses dusty from the dust on the shelf. Just then a blue police box appeared in front of Harry. Harry stepped gingerly down from his stool, shielding his eyes from the bright glow of the tardis. An old man stepped out, he was a lean, tall man with curly white hair and a beaming smile on him. He was dressed in a casual shirt with a navy suit and trousers. 

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