Some Poems...

It's just a few of my own poems.. I hope you like them :)x


1. Evacuee Poem.(from a teen's perspective.)

Staring at the long train ahead,

Younger children running around,

I'd rather be at home in my warm, cosy bed.


My scared sister gripping on my hand,

It's time to board the train,

The train is stood at the stand,

My sister starts to cry with fear and pain.


I find me and my sister a seat,

I try to shut my eyes,

Wondering about the people I may meet,

Wondering why my parents told me lies.


I bend down to tie my lace,

A young girl smiles at me,

My sisters hand gripped tightly around her suitcase,

Deep in my pocket I find a picture of mum and me.


I grab my sisters hand,

Watching the fields quickly passing by,

I wonder when the train will pull to the stand,

I remember promising my mum not to cry.


I think about home,

I think that we are nearly here,

I see a girl sat alone,

Suddenly, some children make a loud cheer.

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