The Blind Girl and The Wooden Box

It is about a girl who finds a box of eyes and she finds a box of eyes. But when she puts a pair in what will happen?.........


1. The House

Dear mum,
                  I've never told you the truth about where I went  whilst you were away last summer so here it is!
I was walking down the dark alley way at the back of our house and I could still hear her shouting from the far distance. Opening the gate I turned round and smiled at Emily she was waving at me to come back, but I turned back around and walked to door. Turning the knob on the door I took a deep breathe and walked inside. As i walked through the door i noticed an old wooden box. I looked around the dilapidated house and crept towards it. As I picked up the cold, dusty box it vibrated! Immediently I dropped it and glared at it for a moment then I picked it up again and placed it were I had found it. In my head I could still hear Emily shouting me, but this was no ordinary box and i needed to investigate more! Opening the box I made sure no one was watching, even though I looked three times I still felt asthough someone was watching over me. Was it really what i thought it was, maybe not, maybe I was in a dream? I closed my eyes and pinched myself, then I reopened my eyes but i was still in the cold, dilapidated house, there was definately no turning back this was a once in a life time opportunity.y at the back of our house with Emily playing the game we always played kncok and run. As i was approaching the 'witches' house i could hear Emily shouting and screaming "She's coming, Run!" I was so scared i carried on walking, the house was within a metre form me and anxiety ran through my bones, i felt a shiver on my spine but i wasn't concentrating on that, the thing i wa focused on was the door. My eyes were glued and there was no turning


They were staring at me infact glued to me, where ever i looked they looked. Shiny and round they were, a gold pair, transparent pair and a normal pair. I placed the gold ones in my sockets and then all of a sudden WHOOSHHHH  I was gone!


I must of been out for hours because when I woke up I couldn't recognise anyone or anything. I knew something was strange the minute the monkeyman walked past. I thought i was going crazy or even insane because when i stood up and looked around everyone I saw was a monkey. To reassure myself i strolled over to one of and asked them "Where am I?" They replied with Cansis. I thought to myself for a moment, where is Cansis and how did i get here? I thought of you, your beautiful face and how you would always tell me its okay when its not. So I took 3 deep breaths and followed the yellow brick road. After about 3 hours I found myself in land full of pixie dust and fairies. All different colours flying around me. It was getting dark so i found a nice soft place on the grass and took the eyes out and placed them in the box i had been clinging onto this whole time.


The next morning I decided to put in the transparent pair, I suddenly found myself going through the same routine i had done with the gold pair except this time i found my self in a land full of children or as they called themseleves 'The Lost Boys.' There was no adults here, except the pirates of course. They ruled the sea and they had an enemey called Peter Pan. Peter stayed the same age. He said he had ran away from home when he was 12 which was 40 years ago, but somehow he was still 12! He seemed nice but the person I wanted to talk to most was you! My dear mother! Peter offered me to stay in his den with him and the boys and seens asthough i had no ther place to stay I accepted his offer. The den was warm and comfortable. Of course i had the take my eyes out but i never told peter i was blind because he may of thought i was wierd and kicked me out.


As i woke up the next morning i put in the normal pair, again i found myself going through the strange routine but i was used to it now. But something wasn't right I was colder, I felt smaller somehow when i opend my eyes i found myself standing in the hallway of the dilapidated house, in the same position i had left. For a few minutes i wondered how long i had been gone. It must have been long because when I ran back to our house you weren't there. I checked the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living room. I started to panic so i ran to Emilys she was there. I asked her were you where she said you were on holiday, but that was strange because you never go on holiday without me, so where did you go that summer?...............

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