Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


5. You're popular


Niall tickled me until I woke up. »Breakfast is ready.« He said and kissed me. I loved his pink, soft lips. And I loved to kiss him. Well, I loved him.

  Our breakfast was delicious. Niall made pancakes and a hot chocolate. We had marmalade, fresh ham and cheese and syrup. »What are the plans for today?« He asked me. I swallowed my last bite of pancake. »The plans are: We buy things for the garden and the colours for the walls.« »Grey stripes for the kitchen, right?« He stopped me. I nodded. That was one of our discussions too, but he wanted grey, I just wanted the stripes. »And we can go to a restaurant, here’s a very good one and I still remember where it is.« I said quietly and looked into my notebook. »And after it, we can start to paint the walls, or we first paint the walls and then in the evening we could go on our first official date.« I thought. Niall nodded and agreed with the last idea. »Let’s get ready?« He asked. »Yes!«

  After I got ready, we drove to a little shop to buy some water. I went to the magazines to take a look. »Niall?« I turned around and searched him. »What’s up?« He asked smiling. But when he saw my frustrated face he stopped. »Julie, which problem do ya have?« He came over to me and looked at the same magazine like I did. »Well, Julie. Now you’re popular. Come on, take some magazines, I want to read what they say about you!« I opened one and turned to the page. »Who is that girl who kisses Niall Horan, member of One Direction at the airport of Mullingar? A fan? His girlfriend? We are excited to know! Wow, Niall. Sounds so great!« I said ironically. »Now, they even write how I should dress right. – Or, no wait. They say that I dress right. Oh and here they say, that I’m your girlfriend.« »Which is the truth.« He explained. »Which is the truth, right.« I agreed and he gave me a little kiss. »Let’s go paying.« He then said and we went to pay.

  Finding the perfect flowers for Niall’s – I’m sorry, for our garden – wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. »Roses.« I mumbled. »Red ones, pink ones, yellow ones, but no white ones!« »Why white ones?« Niall asked. I swore a little bit because the roses looked like their good days already passed and turned around. »Really Niall? Orchids?« He shrugged his shoulders. He helt blue orchids in his hands, they looked good but... »They would hard to nurse, I hope you know that?« He shook his head. »Okay, then not. But I have still the question why you want to have white roses.« I breathed frustrated out. »For the garden in front of the house, especially now, when the winter comes, they’ll look amazing with the snow and this stuff!« I exclaimed excited, the winter would take a long time until he’ll come, but I didn’t give a fuck in that moment of excitement. »Can’t we take others?« He asked me and wrapped his arms around my belly. »Which one do you want to have?« »Choose you, Niall. I search for the colours.« I said and went away.

Niall’s POV

  There was something wrong with Julie but I didn’t know what. From one moment to the other she changed her mood, like she tried to stay strong but she actually just wanted to cry. Suddenly a tone came from her mobile phone, it was the same like I had when a tweet came... Actually I didn’t want to look at her phone because it was her property, not mine. But this silly thought that her mood changed because of some tweets on twitter didn’t want to leave my head, so I took the mobile phone and read. «You ugly bitch! Don’t try to steal Niall from us directioners!» «Money seems to be more important for you than love!» But the worst things were the trendings. #saveniall #beggar »You read the tweets?« A familiar voice asked from behind. She got me. »I’m sorry Julie, I didn’t mean to. I just -« She came to me and hugged me tight, my shirt was becoming wet because of her tears. »Why Niall? Why are they so mean to me?« I stroked her hair and helt her tighter than I ever did before. She cried and cried. And it didn’t seem she was going to relax.

Julia’s POV

  He lay his lips down on my head. His warm hands protected me. Everything felt so wrong for me. Why did they hate on me? May be that Niall is one of their favourites, but, I mean, he was mine, wasn’t he? I didn’t want to be selfish, I’ve never been selfish and especially now I wasn’t going to be. I just thought that this’s surreal. A dream. I’ve never met Niall, I’ve never been to London or Mullingar. I’ve never been loved by a person who didn’t belong to my family. But it was the opposite. I’ve met Niall, I’ve been to London and Mullingar and I’ve been loved by him. And I loved him too. I didn’t love him because of the money he might have. I loved him for who he was and how he treated me. 

  »I’ve finished with the things I searched for, Niall.« I mumbled into his grey, wet shirt. I felt him nodding. »Alright, love. I love you, so badly! I hope you know that.« I closed my eyes and wished the demons away. He loved me, I thought. That’s the only thing I would need. His love. «I think I know what can make you feel better. Let’s go home, get ready and drive to the restaurant. Okay?«

  »You look beautiful, love.« Niall said and gave me a kiss on my forehead. I wore a blue tight and short dress with my favourite pair of black supras. My curls fell down my shoulders and a moustache sparkled at a silver necklace around my neck. «It’s too cold outside, for angels to fly.» Ed Sheeran’s The A Team was playing when my phone rang. I looked at the phone. »Niall, babe, it’s my mum. I have to answer this call. Sorry.« I apologized and answered it. »Where the hell are you? What are you doing there? And who’s this guy with you?« My mum read the magazines or she saw us in the internet. »I’m in Mullingar, restore the house from Niall-« My boyfriend coughed and whispered »Our house«. »Sorry mum, I meant I’m in Mullingar, with Niall and restore our house. And actually we wanted to go on our first official date...« I explained innocently. »You come home, immediately!« »But mum!« »No! You come back home, ask Niall if he can bring you to the airport now. You come home, Julie. I don’t pay for your university when you actually aren’t there! And you didn’t find a flat, right? Since when you don’t care about your future? And since when-« »Good evening, madame. I’m Niall and I’m not sure if you understand me. But it’s totally my fault that Julie isn’t in London. I asked her to come to Mullingar with me to restore the house I bought. I pay for her work, it’s not like she has to work and doesn’t get money for it! I’m sorry for kidnapping your daughter, the next time I want to make holidays with my girlfriend I ask you. I promise.« Niall told my mum totally relaxed. »But now I’m going to ask if she can stay with me as long as we are here. I could never restore the house on my own and your daughter has so good ideas.« My eyes were wide open. My mum listened with her full attention to him and answered, in a perfect english: »Of course, darling. But be careful that nobody hurts her. May I talk to her again? And have a nice evening!« Niall passed me the phone and I answered it again. »Yeah, mum. What’s up?« »I still don’t like him. No sex, no cigarettes, no drugs. Not so much alcohol, wear warm clothes and don’t forget to clean your teeth. Drink your tea and not so much coffee. And always eat your vegetable. I love you. Bye.« My mum said and ended the call. »No sex, no cigarettes, no drugs. Not so much alcohol, wear warm clothes and don’t forget to clean your teeth. Drink your tea and not so much coffee. And always eat you vegetable.« I repeated angrily. Niall giggled and pulled me to him. »Let’s go to the restaurant.« He said and pulled me with him to the car. He opened the passenger door for me and I sat down on the seat. »Your mum seems to be nice, it sounded like she likes me.« »Give up hope, Niall. I’m sorry for destroying your biggest dream.« I answered sarcastically.

  »A glass of coke for her and a beer for me.« »Why just coke for me?« »Your mum said not so much alcohol.« »Pub later?« Niall nodded.
  We ate some delicious fish with new babe potatoes, a delicious dessert and much later we went to a pub.

  »I think we should be careful with what we’re going to do the next time, my mum’s better than the FBI, if she wants to know with who I am, where I am and what I do.« I explained him a little bit too drunk. »Yep, remind me later. I want to kiss you.« Niall leaned in for a kiss. We stood in the kitchen, drank our I-don’t-know-how-many-we-already-drank beers and kissed like we would be hungry and wanted more. »I need you, Julie.« Niall whispered in my ear. His Irish accent was killing me right now, but it was a hot feeling. His breath smelled like alcohol, but it turned me on. Warm hands touched my curves and a boner was pressing against my abdomen. »I want you. Be my queen.« Niall whispered with a dark, vibrating voice. His hands layed on my butt, under my dress and he pulled me closer and closer. »Be mine.« 

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