Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


8. Welcome home


Niall’s POV

  Julie went as often as she could to manage the things in the shop. Her best friend, who came to visit her, helped her out and soon she could open the shop. While she was managing how to go to the college and sell her stuff, I was hiring some men to restore the house I bought us in North-London. Julie didn’t know it, she thought we would move to my flat. The men renew everything. Except the marbled floor and mosaicked walls. It took a long time to restore the house and after about a month we were ready to live in it.

  »Hey baby!« Julie screamed and jumped in my arms. »Hello beautiful! How are you?« I asked her. I catched her up from the college, she wore a black dress with white collar and she cut her hair short. Now she had a very messy and curly haircut and on her head she wore a black hat, which was that typical French hat.
  »Are you ready for our new home?« I asked her, leaving small kisses on her cheeks. She nodded enthusiastically and kissed me on my lips, smiling like a child. When we arrived in North-London, Julie couldn’t stay quiet anymore. »Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!« She said non-stop. I laughed. »N-n-n-north London! I-i-i-i can’t believe it! The last time I was here was when I brought some of my clients the pictures they bought. And I saw this beautiful white house! With the giant garden, lots of trees and the roses! Oh my gosh, there it is!« She screamed and pointed at the house she meant, the house I bought. But she didn’t know that it was ours. »Should we take a look?« I asked her and stopped in front of the house. She shook her had quickly. »No! We shouldn’t! I think we should drive to our house! Now!« She explained hysterically. »And by the way, it looks like someone lives in there. That’s not a brilliant idea, Niall.« She mumbled and looked up to the giant house.

  I laughed at her. »Then let’s say ‘hello’ to our new neighbours!« And went the long way up to the house. When we stood at the door, I rang the bell. Julie turned around and looked at the white roses in the front garden, around the white fountain with the coloured glass mosaics. »Wow, so beautiful.« She whispered fascinated.
  I opened the door while she was paying attention to some birds. »Oh, the door was open. Hello? Is somebody at home? Hello?« I screamed. »Baby, let’s go.« Julie said and turned around to the entrance hall. »Oh my fucking goodness! This is...« She said quietly but her voice echoed in the house. »Absolutely amazing!« Someone screamed. Julie shivered. It was Louis, but Julie didn’t know it. »Who the fuck-?« She asked scared. I pulled her into the house. »Niall, baby, I don’t know if we can enter. I mean it’s not our house. We have to go, please!« And right now, Harry and Zayn should play video games. »Whoo! I won!« Harry screamed. »Babe, it’s strange in here!« And Liam with twitcam. »Hey guys! How are you all.» Eleanor and Louis up next... »More salt? Don’t ya think it’s too much?« »No?! It’s a tomato sauce!«

  »Mmmh, food.« I mumbled happily. Perrie and Danielle ran down the stairs in pijamas and pillows, having a little war. »Oh my god! Perrie! Dani! What are ya doing here?« Julie screamed and the three hugged. »Niall invited us.« Danielle explained innocently.
  »Welcome home, love.« I said to Julie and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Julie’s POV

  »Welcome home, love.« Niall told me and kissed me on the forehead. »Home? Niall, do you mean?« He nodded. »It’s ours, love.« I hugged them all. I hugged Niall, Danielle and Perrie. Louis and Eleanor. Zayn. I slapped Harry as salutation and scared Liam who was really on twitcam and didn’t really hear how I entered the room. »Julie! You know you’re my sweet sugar chocolate pie and like a little sister for me. But don’t do that again, please!« I giggled. And answered cheekily. »You’re my sweet sugar chocolate pie, too. Big brother.«

  »Come on, I’ll show ya everything.« Niall said, took my hand and pulled me with him. First he showed me the living room, actually we were already there, but now I saw everything. With an eye for details. The livingroom was gigantic. There stood a white piano under a giant candelabrum. The couch was made of leather, a black leather with coloured pillows and a striped blanket on it. The fireplace next to the couch was made of white stone and over it hang a picture I draw. The picture which showed sheeps on the meadow. A typical picture which could show every part in the United Kingdom. But with this picture I could remember the most romantical thing a boy ever did to me.

  It rained. It rained a lot. But Niall wanted that I drive to the end of the rainbow. He wanted it. Badly. So I drove. He gave me a kiss on the cheek before he jumped into the taxi and drove away. I didn’t know where he would drive to, but I obeyed and drove to the end of the rainbow. It was day five of our roadtrip. And Niall told me some legends and stories from Ireland. »Niall, Niall, Niall. Noone is as crazy as you.« I mumbled and turned on the radio. The street was free, thank god. But the way was a long one.
  When I arrived at the rainbow, nobody was there. »Young lady, are you searching for something? Or someone? Someone like me?« I turned around and looked at Niall. He wore a green suit, and a red wig and false beard. »I’m the most famous person in this country. A leprechaun. Everybody who finds me, gets gold. But first-« He snapped his fingers. »You have to catch me.« Niall - or the leprechaun – ran away. Hid behind some trees and laughed whenever I couldn’t catch him. After a few minutes of running, he stopped under a tree on a hill. With a beautiful view over the land, a river and sheeps. »You found me, but I’m sorry I don’t have gold.« He said and grinned. I threw my head back. »Shit and now?« I smiled at him and winked. »I don’t know, perhaps you want to stay with me that night, in a tent, here where nobody can see us?« He asked. I saw the tent standing under the beautiful tree. A table were standing in front of the tent, with a candle light dinner just for us too. »I think, my boyfriend wouldn’t like that.« I answered cheekily. »Your boyfriend won’t mind.« He answered, came closer and kissed me.

  The rest of the livingroom was a mix of tradition and modern. The kitchen had my red sheen furniture, I loved so much. And was very modern, like in my old flat we had a black board wall too. The bathrooms were in a very romantic style with candles and flowers. Our bedroom, it was the best of all, was in a purple and gold. The walls were in lavender purple. A zone in the room had purple satin curtains and was closed. I wondered what was behind it. The bed, a giant one with a dark purple, fluffy blanket and golden pillows stood in front of a giant window, with an awesome view to our garden. But I couldn’t see the wardrobe in the room. »The wardrobe has its own room.« Niall explained, went over to the curtains and opened them. I expected the entry to the wardrobe, but behind the curtains stood a chaise-longue. I wondered why, but I didn’t ask. The next rooms were the wardrobe, an office and a room for my pictures and Niall’s instruments.
  The last room’s door, Niall showed me, was closed. It seemed for me like The Chamber of Secrets from Harry Potter but I didn’t say it out loud. Niall pleased me to be quiet, I shouldn’t scream or something. I nodded. He opened the room. I was paralysed. And looked perplexed to the little bed which stood in the middle of this giant room. »Niall, i-i-i-is it a b-b-b-baby bed?« I stumbled and went to it. It was a dark brown bed. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. »It’s my old one. I called my mum and asked her if she still has it. And here it is. I thought, that’s great. But I don’t want you to think you have to become pregnant or something. I just thought it would make everything complete.« I lay my hands on his cheeks, pulled his head closer to me. »I love you, Niall. It’s wonderful.« I told him, made sure that he wouldn’t think it was a bad decision from him. Tears of happiness ran down my face, when I kissed him.

  The meal, Louis and Eleanor cooked, was delicious. Later we played some video games in the livingroom and when Niall and I went to bed, he gave me a good night kiss and I fell asleep in his arms. 

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