Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


11. She's my life


Meeting Niall’s parents was great. His father and I understood us very well and talked about sports. »I took some lessons in Capoeira. This is a Brasilian dance which includes martial arts.« I said while we talked about my strength. »And then when I was 13 I went to a fitness center.«

  Maura, Niall’s mum, called me to help her making the salad. »How is it to be my son’s girlfriend?» She asked me and I blushed lightly when I thought about what we did a few hours ago on the kitchen floor. »I love Niall so much! I really do! And being his girlfriend is like Valentine’s Day! I get so much love! He’s nice to me, he understands me. It’s wonderful!« I explained her and there they were again, tears. Maura smiled. »I’ve seen you in the magazines and thought how beautiful you are, but in reality you’re even more!« She said and winked. »What’s your trick? Be honest.«
  »I make 365 days a year yoga, I drink loads of water and take cold showers. And I have my food mood. That’s why we always have tofu at home, when I have my Veggie-mood. But I love vegetarian food. It’s healthier than the rest. And a lot of Vitamin C, straight from the fruits. Biologic and natural fruits.« I explained and cut some tomatos. Niall walked into the kitchen . »Hey, love. What are ya doing?« He asked, gave me a quick snog and took some tomato sheets. »Niall James Horan! Wait until we all sit at the table! And call your brother, he wanted to come over too!« His mother called. He shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes. »Okay, mum.« Niall answered, gave me a little paper and went away to call Greg, his brother. «Wanna show ya my room. XXXX, Niall.» I blushed and smiled and hid the paper in my sock, to continue making the salad.

  »Hey Greg.« I told Niall’s big brother and hugged him. We already knew.

  It was one of these days here in Ireland when we were tired to go out, tired to stay at home and tired for everything else. So, Niall decided to invite his brother to come over.  I cleaned the house and cooked a meal with Niall. »We can eat in the winter garden.« I told him, putting some salt in the sauce. »Babe, don’t worry. It’ll be okay. I swear!« He answered me and turned me around. »Now, get ready I continue cooking.«

  The door bell rang half an hour earlier than we’ve planned. Niall’s brother stood in front of the door, holding beer in his hands. »Surprise!« He screamed and hugged me like we already knew. »I’m Greg, you’re Julie. I know, Niall already told me. Here’s some beer. What are we going to eat today? Pub later? Wow, your hair is so soft. Where’s the toilet? Pub later? What’s with the food?« He asked non-stop. I looked at Niall. A bit weird, I thought. Niall shrugged hs shoulder, didn’t know what’s up with his brother. »Greg, what’s up?« He then asked and closed the door. »I have a fucking bet. I have to talk the whole time, it doesn’t matter about what. I just have to talk. Wow, the corridor is great, nice colour! I like the floor... Which smell is it? Lavender?« He still asked. I giggled. »About what was the bet?« I asked him when we went to the livingroom. »Can’t say. Is a secret. The only thing I can tell is that I hate my situation.« »When can you stop?« I asked him and sat down on the couch. »When I’m scared of something.« He mumbled. »Why don’t ya just stop?« Niall asked him and looked to me raising one of his eyebrows. »Don’t know. Maybe because they are watching us?« He pointed his fingers at the window behind us. I turned arond, as curious as I was, and shivered. Someone stood there with a scary mask. Outside of the house, in the garden. »Niall?« I said scary. But he didn’t answer. I turned around again and both dissappeared. »Oh, come on guys. I don’t like this situation!« I screamed around and ran out of the livingroom. »Niall? Where are you?« Like every time I was scared and afraid of something, I started crying right now. In front of the house sitting on the stairs. »That’s not funny, Niall. It’s dark. I’m alone. And you’re not really a great gentleman.« I mumbled crying. »I’m sorry, Julie. I didn’t want to scare you. I just wanted to make fun with you.« I looked up to Niall who stood in front of me. »Why?« I asked him. He pulled me up to him, holding me close while he was stroking my back. »Don’t ever think I’ll scare you again, please. Don’t think that. I didn’t mean it like that. Really, I love you, Julie. Stop crying.« »Why did you do that, Niall? You know we watched Paranormal Activity yesterday night and you told me you won’t leave me alone!« I’ve always been sensitive after horror movies, that’s just who I am. »Come with me, actually I thought you would run to the garden, so I hid there. But when I heard you crying in front of the house, I came back to see after you.« Niall explained and pulled me to the garden behind the house. I knew he worked the last few days for a long time in the garden and I wasn’t allowed to take a look. He helt his hands in front of my eyes. »I love you, I really love you.« He said and whispered after it: »Surprise.« He put the hands away and I looked out to the garden. He made a pavilion with couches and tables. Everywhere were lights. And flowers, the lakelet had fishes (finally) and sea-roses. All in one, it looked wonderful. »I love it, Niall. It’s exactly what I was thinking of!« I giggled and hugged him. »Wow, it’s so beautiful! It really is!« I touched every single thing, looked at the details. »That’s not everything.« He mumbled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I saw Greg sitting in the pavilion, drinking a bootle of beer and waiting for us to join him.
  »Thank you, very much. Really, thanks for scarying me, Greg. Nice to meet ya.« I said sarcastically and sat down. We ate, told jokes and had loads of fun.

  »Yeah, nice to see ya again, Julie. I’m fine and you?« He said, rolling his eyes. »I’m great.« I answered him laughing. We ate delicious fish and talked about Niall’s and my relationship. He helt my hand. I was too shy to hold them where the others could see so I tried to hide them under the table. But when we really talked about the serious stuff, Niall layed our hands on the table. »I love my princess, she’s my life.« Niall explained them, I blushed and looked down to my plate. »I love Niall too. He’s a very nice person, a carefree one, relaxed and sensitive. Lovely. He always tries not to hurt me. And whenever we have an argument-« I looked at him, a bit helpless. The last times we had the arguments it ended with almost-sex or, straight said, sex. »We talk about it and apologize.« Niall ended the sentence. Nice talks, I thought and grinned a little bit. Niall poked me and had to grin too. »I’m sorry, but I have to go to the loo. Where’s the bathroom, again?« I apologized and went to the bathroom after Bobby explained it to me.

Niall’s POV

  While Julie was on the toilet I had to handle the difficult questions alone. I knew what she was thinking when she was grinning after I ended the honest lie. Of course, we talk about the things we discussed, in a different, a very different way. »I love her with all my heart, it was love at first sight-« »In a bar.« Greg continued to go on my nerves. »Yeah, in a bar. It happens, Greg. But back to the actual topic. She’s my everything and the one I want to live with my entire life.« I explained them. My mum lay her hand on her heart and sighed. »My brother, the romantic.« Greg mumbled and smiled. I knew he meant it honest and in a friendly way. But he was my

  After Julie came, we went to my room and Julie sat down on the bed. »Oh is it my little baby Niall?« Julie asked when she saw a picture of myself when I was a few years old. She took the frame and helt it next to my face. »There’s no big difference between your little-me and you now.« She looked at me. »And you’re still cute.« Julie admitted and smiled when she put the frame away. »I had a giant head and no hair.« She laughed and showed me how big. I immediately took her hands and kissed her passionately. »I love you, Julie. I will never let you go.« I said between the kisses.

  I lay her down on the back, my hands ran over her curves. I felt her hands on my waist. Our tongues danced a sweet dance. I pulled her dress up and her string down. I was horny.

Julie’s POV

  I felt he had a huge bulge. After Niall pulled down my string, he inserted two fingers into my tight pussy. He stroke my clit with his thumb, making me scream his name. I closed my mouth immediately, my face ran red. Niall giggled. »Let’s try to be not so loud.« He whispered in my ear. Like today in the kitchen, or yesterday at home in London, he was speaking instantly with his Irish accent, right now. He knew it made me wet. He massaged my breast through the dress and bra, while pumping his fingers in and out. »Niall, it feels so good!« I moaned with pleasure. He kept stroking my clit and pumping. But then I had enough and turned him around so he lay on his back. »My turn.« I explained him in a lascive voice. I pulled down his trousers and boxers and started licking the tip of his penis. Niall moaned, he was enjoying it. »Please, baby. I need more.« He moaned. I teased him, still licking the tip, when I felt his hands on my head guiding it up and down. His fluids spilled in my mouth, I swallowed them and showed him I liked it.

  Niall was still lying on his back and I wanted to ride him, but he knew it and pushed me back. »Forget it.« He said. And thrusted in me. I moaned and enjoyed this moment. We reached our climax the same time and we still lay there for a few minutes. »Oh my god.« I whispered. »Oh my god.« He whispered as an answer back.

  When we went down, we did like nothing happened. We ate cake and drank tea, talked a little bit about the weather and the college before Niall and I drove home.

  »I love ya, Nialler.« I told him when I lay down. »I love ya, too. Always will.« He said and sang me to sleep.

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