Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


15. Portugal


Niall’s POV

No one and nothing could ruin the feeling I had. I was happy. I would become father in eight and a quarter months and Julie wanted to marry me. I was excited. Because of her pregnancy, Julie and I decided to marry after the birth and the tour. We had the 20th of September. Julie had something to do in West-London and I had enough time to manage some things.

  I called my mum and I knew she wouldn’t be happy that it all happened before the marriage but I was brave enough to tell her.
  »Mum?« I started stumbling. I sat in the livingroom and read the book Julie had read when I came from LA. »What’s up, dear?« She asked me. »Well, there’s something I have to tell you... Er, Julie...« I stumbled. Yeah, very brave. »How is she?« My mum was asking while she was cooking. »She... She...« Okay, keep calm. Now or never.

  »She is great! But we don’t know where we can make holidays before I go on tour.« Never. »Do you know her mother?« »No.« I answered. »Then you know. Okay, Niall. I’m sorry but I have to cook. I love you two!« »Bye, mum. And thank you, we love you too.« Julie was right. I didn’t have balls enough.

  Julie came at seven o’clock. She smiled and looked motivated. »Babe! Are you hungry? We have to celebrate something!« I went to the kitchen where Julie started baking. She wore a shirt which showed her wings. »And what?« I asked. »Well, I talked to my mum and she’s going to help us because of the pregnancy and wedding. But she hopes she can meet you before wedding and birth.« I nodded. Okay, she has already talked to her mother. »I wanted to talk with you about some plans. What do you think of a few weeks holidays in Portugal?« She smiled and hugged me. »Before you go on tour?« »Before I go on tour.« I said and smiled too.

  Julie was excited when we sat in the aeroplane. »Whoa, babe. You’re as excited as me. Is it healthy for the baby?« I asked her and she laughed. »I’m happy to see my mum again. And I think it doesn’t matter if I’m a bit excited.« She answered and started to read the next book.

  When we landed in Lisbon and Julie searched for her mother, I enjoyed the feeling of being welcome. »Mum!« Julie screamed when she saw her mother. »Hello, my dear!« Her mother said and Julie hugged her tightly. »How are you two? That’s Niall. Baby, these are my mum Maria and my brother Paulo.« She said and I smiled at her mum. She kissed me on the cheeks, which was typical for Portuguese people. Paulo and I shook our hands. »You like football?« Her brother asked me in Portuguese. The words were almost the same. But he asked »Gostas de futebol?« and I really didn’t know what “Gostas” meant until Julie explained it. So I nodded as an answer and tried to talk with Paulo in Portuguese-English-Hands-And-Feet and it really worked!
  When we sat in the car, Maria told me they’d live on the other side of the river Tagus but if we want we could borrow the car and drive to Lisbon. »Okay, thank you.« I said and smiled. Paulo and I were playing Pokemon on our Nintendo DS’ while Julie and her mum were talking.

Julie’s POV

»He’s... nice. But did you really have to become pregnant?« My mum asked in German because we didn’t want that my brother understood what we said. »It happened, mum. We had –you know what- without really caring if I could become pregnant or not.« I told her and opened the window. »But, Julie. You know each other since circa June! And now you’re pregnant!« Mum looked at me. »It was love at first sight and I love him. I really do!« »And what’s with the college? You’re going to have a baby and you marry him next year.« I rolled my eyes. Always these questions! When I met Niall’s parents they didn’t speak like this to their son. Of course, they asked what was their right, but they asked nicer. »I still go to the college and I have an own shop because of Niall. And when the water’s going to break, okay, I drive to the hospital, get the baby, wait until everything’s alright and then, I don’t know, a year later, I go back again.« I explained and smiled. I was totally proud of myself, but my mum wasn’t. »I trust in Niall! I really trust in him! He’s a lovely person, but if you would talk more with him you’d already known that.« I told her with a little bit of anger in my voice. There were 20 minutes left until we arrived at home. 20 stupid minutes until I could cuddle with Niall. These fucking twenty, no, 19 minutes until I could lay down on my old bed or eat something. I loved my mum so much, honestly, even more than Niall, because, I mean, she was my mum! But since I’ve landed in London in June she’s acting totally weird. I turned around and looked at my brother who really liked Niall and learned English with him. My brother always loved English, he comes from his sister, but he wasn’t as good as me. It changed. Everything changed and I wasn’t with him. He grew very fast, he was just eleven but he was almost as tall as me. His dark-blonde hair was even longer than in May and he looked like a 14 years old high school crush from the Hollywood films. I smiled lightly and looked back to Mum. »I hope so.« She said and we made peace. »You know I love you, you’re my daughter! I was just worried because I thought of what happened to me and your dad after you were born.« Yea, I knew what happened. They seperated, I grew up with a stepfather who hit my mum and me whenever he was drunk. Then moved to my dad because he swore me he loved me (I was a teenage-girl who wanted to be loved by her dad), a year later I moved back to my mum to Portugal, had a boyfriend. My first one, the only one until my college accepted me. I flew to London. Now, I’m here. Without any message from my dad. No “How are you?”’s, no “I miss you!«’s. But the funny thing about that was he lived.
  If you know, what I mean.

  My mum turned on the radio. «You’re insecure, don’t know what for...» I laughed and looked at my mum. »Really, ma?« I asked her. She shrugged her shoulders and Niall sang in the background. «Don’t need make-up to cover up, being the way that you are is eno-o-ough...»

  »Why don’t we go eating Picania later?« I asked my mum and she looked at me, nodding her head. »Yes! That’s a great idea! I call the others, actually they all wanted to come later to us, but I think it’s easier to go to a restaurant. We wanted to make a babyshower.« My eyes were wide opened. »A babyshower, mum? Isn’t it too early?« I asked her and she shrugged her shoulders again. »Not so many things, just things like pillows, sheets and this stuff.« She answered and I was relaxed again. »What’s Picania, love?« Niall asked me and my mum grinned like a jerk when he called me love. »Food, Niall. Food. Delicious food.« I answered and I didn’t have to explain more. It was food.

  When we arrived at my old home my grandma waited for us in the livingroom. My grandmother, let me explain it like this, was even more important for me than my mum. You know, I grew up with my mum, my 1st stepfather came later, and my grandma has been there for me, always. And of course, sweets, money... She was the one who always said:»You have to lose weight!« But then:»Do you want more ice-cream?« That was my grandma for me.
  The only thing which sucked when I met her was that I had to translate everything the other said. And I was terrible in translating!

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