Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


18. Phoenix


When we were in London again, Niall soon had to fly to Sweden to record their new album. But back to the actual time.

  Niall was on tour. These months were the most horrible since he was away! My belly was getting bigger and bigger, my back ached like hell and my appetite was as big as Niall’s. But I had to restore the baby room. «Sweet sugar chocolate pie, sweet sugar chocolate pie, sweet sugar chocolate pie, sweet sugar choc-» »Hey Perrie!« I answered the ringing phone. I stood in the kitchen, drank tea and ate the last three packages of biscuits we still had. With the accentuation on “last three”. If Niall had known that my weekly shoppings were just cookies, jelly-babies, chocolate and tofu (don’t ask me, please, really, don’t ask why tofu) he would have killed me. After the birth. »The poor baby!« He would have said. I rolled my eyes when I remembered. »You need help with restoring?« Perrie asked. I looked down to my giant belly and couldn’t see my feet. »My hands are swollen.« I thought loudly and that was an answer for her. »Okay, I come as fast as I can.« She said.

  When she rang the bell, I opened the door. It was still snowing outside and it was cold. But in the house it was nice warm. »Nice pullover.« Perrie said and hugged me. I wore a normal green pullover, especially for my big, round belly. »Which month? The 9th?« She asked joking. I rolled my eyes and laughed. »No, not really. 4th month.« Of course she knew I was in the 4th month, my second trimestre.

  She helped me restoring. Together we painted the walls in a blue like the sky, with white clouds. »Once I had to watch Toy Story  with Liam and there were the same walls.« I explained Perrie laughing. »I love them, they are cool.« She admitted. I nodded and smiled. We hang the white frames I bought for the family pictures on the wall and pushed the rocking-chair to the giant window. We lay a white, self-made blanket and a white teddybear, which were presents from Momma, on the chair. A chest of drawers, where Niall and I would change the diapers, stood on the left side of the room and on the wall hang a giant frame. But there wasn’t a picture, yet. The bed had striped sheets which were presents from Louis and another teddybear which was a present from Eleanor. Danielle and Liam gave us the first diapers, bottles and this stuff and Harry’s, Zayn’s and Perrie’s presents were clothes.

  »Who will be the godmother and godfather?« Perrie asked me when we sat in the livingroom and talked about shit. »Good question, I didn’t decide.« I answered. I knew that Greg would be a godfather. But there were still other ones.

5 months later
Niall’s POV

  I received the call at midnight. »Niall, I think you should come to the airport as fast as you can.« Maria told me. It was the night from the 25th to the 26th of May/Maria’s birthday/concert in Lisbon. »What happened, Maria?« I asked her. »Just come as fast as you can to the airport. I know tomorrow’s the concert here in Lisbon, but until then you flew four times to London and back.« With that sentence I knew it was something with Julie, I stood up rough, packed a bag with some important things and drove to the airport.

  Julie’s mum told me she’d call her after her water’s broke and she were screaming on the way to the hospital. We sat in the airplane, I was too frustrated to say something and Maria was quiet too. »I hope, she’s fine.« I wished the whole time, it was really the only thing I could think and say.

  It was five o’clock in the morning when the doctor said Julie was ready for giving birth.

Julie’s POV

  Once when I was younger I fell down the stairs and broke my leg and arm. It hurted so much and I could have never imagined something more painful than this. Everyone who has already broke something knew the pain. Let me tell you now, that there was something that hurted more than a broken leg or arm.

  Giving birth to twins was maybe the most horrible pain I’ve ever had. But when I helt them in my arms, I cried a lot. Two healthy and beautiful girls with the same eyes like their father smiled lightly when they saw me. This beautiful smile like Niall had.
  But my dirty brown hair and my nose. »Happy Birthday, mum!« I said and laughed softly. »That’s my birthday present for you. You’re a granny now.« My mum smiled and wanted to hold one of the girls.

  »Already decided which names these beauties should have?« The doctor asked when he came in. »I want Erin Marie for one.« I wished. Erin was the poetic name for Ireland and Marie another version for my mum’s name. »Yey, another birthday present.« My mum said laughing.

  »Phoenix Maura.« Niall said. »For the other one.«

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