Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


16. Not good enough



  »When your mother told me, you are pregnant, I thought something like ‘The cow is pregnant by an Irish?!’ but it was cool. You’ve always said your life would be with a British or Irish.« Momma, my grandma’s nickname from me, shook her head laughing. I had to laugh too. She was bad in remembering but when I talked bullshit for others she remembered because she knew something important for a friendship with me: Never say never. »Kids, I have something for you. I bought it a few days ago in Spain when I visited your mum’s cousin and I really want to give it to you.« She stood up and went to my mum’s bedroom, came back with a giant box and gave it to Niall. The box was in a beige with a gigantic golden bow on it. »But, Momma-« Niall started, I thought it was totally cute how they called eachother ‘Momma’ and ‘Sweetie’. »The babyshower is later!« He continued. She shook her head. »Two presents. One for you, one for the baby. But the baby gets as much as you two get. Now, open the box, Sweetie.« She said and Niall opened the box. In the box were two little boxes, one for each other. Niall opened his first.

  He got buttons and Momma explained they were from my grandfather who died when Momma was pregnant with my mum. Niall didn’t want them and apologized with the words:»Thank you for the honour. But I don’t feel good enough to wear them at the wedding.« He looked down and tears ran down his cheeks. I comforted him by saying he was worth it to wear them and I loved him. He then looked up to my grandma and hugged her. »Thank you so much!« He said as good as he could in Portuguese. I loved this guy so much! Then he got a very good and expensive perfume, I really loved and he promised to use it tonight. I giggled when he said that but apologized when Momma wanted to know what he said. But she understood when I said »You know, Momma. I can’t explain it!« and giggled too. I got a veil and jewellery, but new one. No old one. »Thanks so much, Momma! I love you so much!« I gave her a kiss on the cheek. »But there’s still something for you two.« She said, stood up and went away again. She came with another box and I rolled my eyes. »Momma! That’s so much!« She shook her head. »It’s a little thing from your mum’s cousin. With the best wishes for you two.« She winked and gave us the box. It was a simple one. But on it stood »Good luck, I love you. Kisses.« in Spanish. I opened it and was amazed. In it lay white pillow-cases and blankets and on them lay a dark red rose. Niall and I looked at each other and took one after another out of the box.

  The cases were self-made and flowers were sticked in the textiles. The rose was a real one and the box smelled like roses. Under the blanket lay a piece of paper with a message. »Love lasts for a long time when we nurse it. We have to be careful and honest with it. Kids, your love is young and new. Pay attention, be careful and nurse! Congratulations to the pregnancy.« I smiled lightly.
  »Wow.« I whispered. »I really love the presents. Thank you again.« I said and hugged Momma with all of my heart. 

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