Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


12. LA


  Autumn knocked on the door. August was over. Niall’s birthday was in two weeks and he still didn’t say what he was wishing for. »Babe, on September, the 6th I’m gonna be in LA.« Niall said after he went into my office. I pointed a finger at my mouth, I phoned with one of my clients. »I think we could make it like that. Okay, see you in three weeks! Have a nice day! Bye!« I hang up, turned to Niall and looked at him asking »What?«. »Well, 1D are nominated to win some prizes at the MTV VMA’s!« He said happily, I stood up rough and jumped in his arms. »Congrats!« Giving him a kiss. »Wow. That’s amazing!« I continued. Niall’s smile dissappeared. »But it would take three days maybe.« He said with a sad look. »Babe...« I started and rested my head on his chest. »It doesn’t matter. I have some things to do and well, I thought to get some tattoos. I’ll fly to LA too, but on the fourth of September, I think I’ll be back when you’ll arrive.« I said. »Why in LA?« Niall asked when my mum was calling. I knew it because the ringtone for her was Save you tonight, her favourite song from Up All Night. »Kat von D is going to make it.« I said and was proud of myself. Niall giggled. »What do ya want to have on your skin, forever?« He asked when I answered the phone. »Mum, I’ll call ya later. I love ya.« And hang up. »I want lovebites from you, forever.« I explained to him and pushed him out of the room.

  I was in LA and got a little shamrock behind my ear, a heart with Niall’s name on my right arm and wings of an angel on my whole back.

  When I watched the VMA’s I was totally proud of my little leprechaun and laughed because of the kiss Katy Perry gave him. But still worried about the date of the next day. 7th of September stood in my calendar. Gynaecologist; Check-up. I woke up early the next day and after I failed in making a smoothie for me I had to clean up the kitchen.

  »Hello, I came because of the check-up, today.« I told the doctors’ helper. She was a very friendly person and smiled when I came in. »She’s expecting you. Go straight on, the right door at the end.« She answered and smiled as friendly as Niall always smiled when he met fans. »How are you?« The doctor asked me when I sat down. »I’m nevous.« I answered, I really was. »Last bleeding?« She asked me. Good question, I thought. I couldn’t remember anymore...

  When Niall came the next day I sat on the couch in the livingroom. Reading books and eating cookies, jelly-babies and other stuff. When Niall came into the livingroom he saw the books I was reading, the sweets I ate and the pictures from the ultra-sound.
  »I’m pregnant.« I told him and turned to the next page of the book.
  »You become father, Niall. In eight and a half month.« I continued.
  I was happy on one side, but on the other I was worried. Niall would be on tour, while I’d be pregnant. 

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