Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


10. It's time


When I woke up on the chaise-longue, the clock stroke three. I had a blanket around my body and when I stood up, I saw I was still naked. I blushed. »Good morning, beautiful. How are you?« Niall asked when he came into our bedroom. I smiled at him after he kissed me. I felt beautiful after that night. Beautiful and sexy. Niall opened the wardrobe and pulled out some jeans and shirts. »Niall? What’s up? What are ya doing?« I asked him after he put some of his favourite pairs of Supras into the baggage. »We fly to Ireland, love. Get ready, we have to be at the airport in two hours.« He said while putting his Calvin Klein boxers to the other things. »And why?« I asked and went to him with the blanket around my body. I wrapped my arms around his waist and cuddled with him. The blanket fell to the ground, I was completely naked, again. »You will see why.« He turned around and looked into my eyes. »Are you hungry?« He asked and I nodded. He gave me a top with a big ‘a’ and some of his boxers. He offered me a piggyback ride the way down to the kitchen and sat me down on the kitchen counter.

  After an hour of breakfast with pancakes, muffins and other stuff Niall already made, I had to hurry up. After taking a fast and cold shower, I ran to the wardrobe, packed my things and started to dress me. For the flight, a pair of jeans, the shirt from my college, a red cardigan and black Supras would be okay. After I’ve finished I went down to Niall and saw him standing at the door. »You look amazing.« He said honestly. »I just wear, jeans, shirt and cardigan.« I answered cheekily. »You look beautiful in everything, even in a blanket.« He said and I ran red again.

  »I’m looking forward to fly to Portugal next year. I want to visit my mum and wear sandals and skirts without tights and I need some tan. And I have to fly to Germany.« I said to myself because Niall drove to the airport and it seemed he was very concentrated. »May I come with you?« He asked and I looked at him. »You wanna meet my family? And what’s with the tour? I mean, your new album comes out before Christmas. By the way, my family is very crazy!« I said and looked out of the window. Tears were welling up in my eyes while I was thinking about being alone a long time. »After the tour I have enough time. So you can fly to Portugal while I’m on tour and I come a few weeks later.« Niall said. »I have to work and go to the college, Niall. It’s not the same. We fly together or we forget it.« I said. The most fears I had were that my mum wouldn’t accept my boyfriend. »And I want to Asia because of the Zen.«

  »Zen, Julie? Why?« I shrugged my shoulders. »I’ve always been something like a Buddhist. And I need some time to relax.« I finally said when we arrived at the airport.

  We had eight o’clock in the evening and we decided to sleep in a hotel in Dublin. »A room for two...« I could hear Niall saying to the receptionist. »...For one night, please.« I stared at Niall’s perfect lips, at his blue eyes, his nose. His hair. When he looked at me I turned away. We had an argument and I tried to ignore him as good as I could. »Horan...« He continued saying. »Mr. And Mrs. Horan?« The receptionist asked. I rolled my eyes. Did we really look like a happy and married couple? Or like brother and sister? I saw Niall was nodding. »Yes, please.« With a thank you and good night we went to our room.

  The next day Niall rent a car and we drove to Mullingar. On the way to his hometown we two were very quiet because we discussed the whole night about my plans for next year and now he was angry. »Niall, I...« I started but he ignored me. »I don’t know why you’re acting like it does matter when I want to make holidays alone in Asia! I mean you will be on tour and I can fly to Asia!« I said angrily and turned the radio off. »What are ya afraid of? That I’m going to flirt with a Buddhist? Baby, they can’t marry or be in a relationship and I only love you! Why don’t ya say anything?« I asked him frustrated and looked at him. We arrived in Mullingar and his, or our house still looked like we left it. Niall opened the door while I talked about the future. »Niall, are you even listening?« We entered the house. »Niall?« He went to the kitchen and I followed him. »ARE YOU LISTENING? You ask your mum for your old baby bed, you surprise me with the baby bed. And then we had sex. Without a condom. And yeah, I wanted to have sex after I got married but I gave up my v-card to a person who doesn’t have balls enough to talk to me!« I screamed but he still ignored me, opened the fridge and looked if we had something to eat. »In the freezer are some pizzas.« I said and wanted to walk away, but Niall pulled me back and kissed me passionately. I answered the kiss and Niall started to undress me. »Do ya know the 9th verse of Na Na Na?« He asked me and removed my cardigan. Then he pulled up my shirt. »But even when we fight girl, you turn me on.« He whispered in my ears, sending shivers down my spine and opened my bra. He massaged my breasts and whispered in my ear how much he loved me and he apologized. »I’ll lift you up, I’ll never stop. You know I’ll take you to another world.« He sang quietly  and layed me down on the kitchen floor. I pulled down his chinos and boxers and saw how hard he was. He pulled off my boots and immediately my jeans and underwear. My pussy was wet and I wanted and needed him. But he teased me. He stroke the inner side of my legs, making me wetter. I moaned softly and massaged his balls and ran my fingers up and down his dick. »Get in me, please.« I begged moaning. He spread my legs and got in me making me moan – no - scream his name loudly. He thrusted in me harder and deeper. I tried to hold somenthing but couldn’t find it, what was the reason why I scratched Niall’s back with my fingernails. Pleasure and lust were too big. After a very long time I had this feeling, I knew it was time. »Niall, I’m gonna cum!» I screamed. Climax was near. Niall stopped, pulled his dick out of me and thrusted immediately back. I screamed, I laughed, I collapsed. We both reached our climax. His fluids in me, his breath on my neck. It felt like paradise.

  Aftr I got into the shower, shaved my legs and dried myself with the soft towels we bought I walked in our bedroom and saw Niall deciding between two shirts. We were going to visit his parents and I was totally nervous. »Just be yourself.« He said trying to calm me down. »I know babe, but what happens if they don’t like me?« Niall shook his head and laughed. »Come on, love. Why shouldn’t they love you like I do?« I took out the white Jimmy Choo dress of my baggage. »Because they are your parents and they want you to be happy. You know, they just want the best for their little baby boy.« I said and took the black leather boots. »Where are my striped socks?« I asked him and he threw my favourite pair of socks to me. A black ring, the necklace, Niall bought me, and a black fake leather jacket made my outfit completed. »Why those boots?« Niall asked giggling. I looked down to them. »You’re not the tallest and I just have these and those with me.« I pointed at my leather boots and then at the rubber boots. »Okay.« He finally said, pulled me closer and kissed me. 

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