Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


17. Irish up


We got so much things on the babyshower. And like my mum said, no clothes, but textiles and a baby-perfume my brother had when he was a baby, but unisex. Niall loved the food and I could spend time with my family. The only thing which went on our nerves was that fans were in the restaurant. I loved the fans, really, I was something like a fan, too. But the same girls came every fucking ten minutes and asked Niall how he was, if he liked to stay in Portugal and if he liked the food. To ask it once, is okay! But not every time.

  After the 20th time of coming to us I was in a really bad mood and ignored Niall the whole evening. When his mum called, I excused and went outside of the restaurant to talk to her. »Hey Maura.« I said as happy as I could but she foresaw I wasn’t. »What’s up, my dear? Are you in Portugal?« She asked and I went to take a round around the neighbour-hood. »Yea, we’re in Portugal. But we’re having the babyshower right now in a restaurant and the fans are going on my nerves. They come the whole time and ask Niall the same three questions.« I said angrily and kicked away a stone. »Whose babyshower?« Maura asked. I stopped, made a weird face and wrinkled my forehead. »Didn’t Niall tell you that I’m pregnant?« I asked her. I couldn’t hear nothing for a long time on the other side of the phone. »We planned to tell it our mothers three days ago.« I told her. »He called, yes. But he stumbled the whole time and asked where you two could make holidays together. That’s it.« She answered. I breathed frustrated in and out. »Okay, I’m going to keep calm down now. So you didn’t know it?« I asked her again. »No.« She answered. I went back to the restaurant. »Maura, I’m sorry, I call you tomorrow, I promise. I have to talk to him. I love you, Maura. Bye.« I said. »Oh, my dear. I love you too. Bye... This guy...« She mumbled before she ended the call. I went back to the table where the fans still stood. They all looked annoyed and Niall too. »They hate me?« I said to myself. »Let’s give them a fucking reason.« I went to them and turned them around. »So, girls. Listen to me, now. You may don’t know me. But I don’t give a fuck. I’m Niall’s girlfriend and you two are going on my fucking nerves since we are here. If you can’t see it we’re having dinner with my family. So, hump off, ye shower of cunts!« I told them angrily. First in Portuguese, but the last sentence had to be in Irish-English. It really had to be. Their eyes were wide opened and they looked at me like they wanted to kill me. »Your bitch!« they told me in a fucking false English and went away, shaking their butts like they were hot. Niall looked at me and raised an eyebrow. »What?!« I asked him. »They were acting the maggot!« I told him. He grinned a little bit. »You look hot when you’re angry and swear like an Irish.« He admitted. »Shut up, Niall. I’m as crabbit as a cat! But not just because of the one girl who fucking flirted with you! Ew, she was a pull through for a rifle! But you behaved like a caffler! A fucking caffler!« I told him. »Why?« He asked me. »Your mum was happy to hear that she becomes a grandmother next year. It was nice from you telling me she is as excited as me and you and my family. Really, Niall.« I told him reprobatory.

  My mum let us out at the house and drove with the others to a coffee-house. I wasn’t really in the mood for drinking a tea, coffee or something else. »Why didn’t you tell your mother that we get a baby?« I said and threw my bag to a corner of my room. Niall carried some presents and I carried the others. We lay them down on the bed. »Because I was afraid she could be angry!« He answered. »And when did you want to tell her? When my water’s broke? Or when the baby celebrates its first birthday? When, Niall?« I yelled at him. I looked at the presents and my thought was to give them back and abort the baby. But I could never do that. Never. »Fuck, Julie! It gets me fucking Irish up, when you scream at me because of some little problems!« »That’s not a little problem!« I admitted. »Yes, it is!« He screamed and I turned around to face him. »Niall, it is a fucking big problem!« I started quietly. »Even if I know your mum for a little short time now, I have that feeling, or I had that feeling, she wouldn’t be angry. But now, she’s sad because you didn’t tell her. And I understand that you were afraid! I was it too but I did it! My mum almost killed me but hey, I’m still here.« I said joking a little bit. Niall smiled a little bit but he was still frustrated. I went to him and gave him a kiss. »I’m sorry, Niall. You know what? You’re going to call your mum tomorrow and tell her the brilliant and awesome news! You will apologize and please her not to be mad with you.« I thought, he nodded and kissed me back.
  Suddenly he looked at the carpet which was made of fake fur. »Did ye ever-?« He asked me and I shook my head. »Do ya wanna try?« He asked again and finally I nodded.

  He lay me down on the carpet, undressed me and planted wet kisses on my body. »I can’t believe that we’re going to have sex on my favourite carpet.« I mumbled and ran through his hair when he thrusted in me.

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