Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


7. I'm sorry


  Before I came, the lads were on tour. And now, Niall decided to make holidays in Spain. I couldn’t fly with him because of the college so he had to fly alone. I drove with him to the airport. We both sat quietly in the taxi. Before Niall flew, he hugged me tight and a tear fell down on my hair. »I’ll miss you, love.« He said and kissed me on my forehead, nose and my lips. »I love you and I gonna call you, I promise! Goodbye, love.« He said turned around and left.

  »Wait!« I screamed. Heads turned around to face us. Niall stopped and turned around. I ran to him and fell in his arms. »You don’t have to promise me, that you call. You have to promise me, that you come back and that you keep loving me. Even when the Spanish are hotter than me. Because I love you, so damn much! And I don’t want you to leave me because of one of them! Please, promise me, that you come back.« I said and cried. The people who heard what I said sighed and kept standing there and listened to us. »Julie, my love, I love you. And I would never kiss another girl. Because noone can ever be better and more beautiful than you.« He stroke my tears away. It felt like we would play in a film, but it wasn’t a film, it was the reality.
  »Flight number...« Now I was the one who sight. »...Spain...« He had to go. »...is now ready for take-off...« He kissed me again, passionately, with so much love. My knees were still weak, when he left.

  Now, I was alone at home, but Eleanor wanted to come over that day. I started to bake a cake. And it seemed like it was the only thing I ate the week, when Niall was in Spain. While the cake was in the oven, I relaxed a little bit and turned on my laptop, went on Twitter and Facebook. And there it was, a picture of Niall, in the pool in Spain, kissing an other girl. Other pictures showed him flirting. I started to cry and I cried a lot. The door bell rang, Eleanor was here. I opened the door, and she came upstairs, saw me crying and hugged me. »What happened, my dear?« She asked and came in. »He broke his fucking promise!« I brought the cake, some cookies and chocolate. I showed her the pictures. »Oh my god! I can’t believe it! Julie, you have to call him, now!« She reached for my mobile and gave it to me.

  I called him three times until he answered the phone. »Hey, love. Sorry, I had something to do. How-« »What? Sex with that girl?« I said angrily. I stopped crying, like every time I got angry. First I cried, then I got angry and after it I cried again. »Sex? Which girl? Julie, what’s up with you?« He asked innocently. »You don’t have to act like nothing happened, Niall James Horan! Do you wanna know what’s up with me? Really? Well, then search yourself on Google Pictures!« I said, stood up rough and went to the bathroom upstairs, where I kept my Emergency-Cigarettes. »Are ya fucking stalking me?« Niall asked, now he was angry too. »No! I just had to check my Facebook and Twitter! And then I saw the fucking pictures!« »Which fucking pictures?« He screamed. »You and that Spanish in the pool, Kissing and flirting! You broke your fucking promise!« We screamed at eachother, he swore a lot and I started crying again. »Why are you doing this to me, Niall? Why?« I asked quietly. »Why did you kiss another girl?«

  He said nothing for a long time. »She was a fan. And she flirted with me. And I didn’t want to kiss her! Really! She kissed me! You have to believe me, love! You are the only one for me!« »I called you three times...« »I’m shopping. I wanted to buy something nice for you...« Niall said and I heard some noises, he was carrying bags. »Which shoe size do ya have?« »I don’t need some fucking shoes, Niall! I need you now, here with me!« »Okay, no shoes.« He said, ignoring the fact that I was feeling alone. Even when Eleanor was here. »Julie, dear, someone knocked on the door! Should I open it?« Eleanor yelled from the livingroom. »Niall, someone stands at the door. I-« I started. »Go open it.« He asnwered. I went to open the door and there he stood, carried five shopping bags and some flowers. He still helt his phone at his ear. »I love you.« Niall said and hang up. »Did I hear Niall’s voice?« Eleanor asked and came to us. I just stood there, paralysed to say something. I looked at him, my second cigarette in my left hand. »When did you arrive?« I asked him, unable to look away. I missed him so much.

  »I arrived this morning, Louis waited at the airport for me. Then I went shopping and now I’m here.« He said and smiled that smile, I fell in love with. »Is Louis still here?« Eleanor asked. Niall nodded. »Julie, I love you, but I think you and Niall have to talk about some things.« Eleanor grabbed her jacket and ran out to Louis. Niall came in, but I pushed him softly back. »Why, Niall?« I asked him, tears were still running down my face. »It will never happen again, I swear!« He said and kissed me. »Why do you smoke?«  Niall asked. He finally came in and I put the cigarette away. »I was sad because of the pictures.« Niall gave me the flowers. Red roses.

  »Okay, Julie. Did you eat something? I shook my head.« »Just sweets.« »I bought you something I want you to wear. Get ready.« He gave me a bag. I went to my bedroom to undress. »Nice underwear...« I whispered and pulled out a black corset with matching string. »Niall, Niall, Niall...« I put on the string. »Niall! I need help!« I screamed, Niall opened the door. »You have to help me with the corset.« I said. I just wore my string and Niall saw my breasts. He looked at them hungrily. He helped me and closed the corset. Before he could fall over my breasts I said he should go away.

  Now I pulled out a blue dress which looked exactly the same like the one I wore on our anniversary. I dressed my black Vans and the black necklace wih the mustache. »Where are we going to, Niall?« I asked him when I entered the kitchen. He stole the biscuits from the jar and looked at me innocently. »Sorry, I was hungry. What did ya say?« I giggled. Yeah, I missed him. »Where are we going to?« »To a restaurant.« I looked down to my vans. »I can’t go like this, Niall.« »You can, love. You look beautiful.« He kissed me on the forehead. »I love you.«

  »I let money play a little bit. And my charisma. And I was just me. An adorable Irish.« Niall explained grinning. We sat in the car and drove to a fancy restaurant. I hated restaurants like that because I was something like a silly person. I saw the lads and girls when we came in.

  I ordered a salad and a coke. »Julie? I’m so sorry, again. I was a bad person. And I didn’t want to hurt ya.« Niall apologized and looked sad to his plate. »And I know you paid so much for your flat, but I wanted to ask you if we could move together?« He looked straight into my eyes. His blue eyes looked at me, waited for my decision, with so much love, hope and excitement. I nodded luckily and kissed him.

  After our dinner in the fucking fancy restaurant, you really don’t want to know what happened, Niall and I drove to a place I didn’t know which one or where it was. »It’s a surprise.« He whispered when I asked him a thousand times. When we finally helt, we stood in front of a shop. »Surprise!« He said instantly with his sexy Irish accent. I got out of the car and stood there, in the cold, in front of a closed shop. »Niall, if you want to rape me, rape me somewhere else, but not here.« I said joking, although I didn’t have a clue what was going on. Inside of the shop everything was dark. »Where are we?« »West-London.« He answered my question, wrapped his arms around my waist, rested his head on my left shoulder and whispered: »Do you see this beautiful girl in the window of the shop? She’s going to work there. She’s going to be the boss.« I opened my eyes very wide and stopped breathing. »You’re kidding me, right?« I looked around to see the hidden cameras and thought I’m in one of the new episodes of Punk’d. Then, suddenly, the lights in the shop went on. Horan’s Arts and Crafts Opening Soon! I could read on the window. I turned around and looked up to Niall »Thank you so much! I love you so much! Oh my goodness!« With a tight hug and a quick snog, he opened the door and we went in. »Soon, you will sell your self-made things, love. Congratulations!«
  It felt like one of my biggest wishes came true.

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