Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


3. I love you


Night wasn’t as usual. I dreamed of Niall. His blue eyes watched me at everything I did. I was moving slowly on a dark road. No lights, no cars, no houses. Just me, the road and Niall, waiting for me at the end. My brown, curly hair was longer than actually. I was naked. I hated those dreams. Niall stood there, at the end of the road. His eyes sparkled. Niall opened his arms to catch me if I’d fall. Fall? Suddenly the road ended and I fell. Niall still stood there, he didn’t move. And I just fell. I fell into the deep, deep hole.
  I never landed, I fell non-stop. I closed my eyes, ready to die.
  And then, suddenly and thank God, I landed on the same road. But this time the sun shined, I wore a long white dress and my hair was decorated with flowers. The road wasn’t a normal one. Everywhere I was looking to, were lying potsherds and stones, nails and thorns. I didn’t wear shoes and Niall was waiting for me. I wanted to run to him, so I started to move. I came slowly forward, my feet had scratches, blood ran. Something pushed me to the ground. I lay with my whole body on the road, had to pull me forward. The white dress turned into red. I was bleeding and looked horrible. My whole body had scars. I wanted to wake up, but my body disobeyed. I screamed. I screamed Niall’s name, I screamed for help. But nothing happened. My Dream-me stood up, Niall was so close! I lost my conscience, fell in Niall’s arms.
  He catched me and stroked my hair back and kissed my lips. My dress turned into white again, my skin started to regenerate. »Follow your dreams, love.« He said quietly. »I love you.«

  And then I awoke, my phone rang. Follow your dreams, love. My mind echoed. I love you. My mind echoed. It was Niall who called me. I smiled and the butterflies went crazy. »How are you, beautiful?« He asked and I foresaw he smiled. »I had a nightmare, but thank god you called.« I laughed quietly. »Oh, that’s not good. I hope you’re alright, again. I talked to the lads and they said you could live with us until you’ve found a flat. It costs nothing. And we don’t accept a ‘no’!« He said fast. My mind said no, but my heart screamed yes. »I don’t know, Niall. I mean one girl and five crazy boys?« I started shyly. »And I can’t cook very well. I just can cook noodles and eggs.« Niall, on the other side of the phone, laughed. »But in what are you good at?« He asked interested, but I remembered my bad jam session. »Decorating rooms, drawing and taking photos.« »Well, okay. Let’s make a deal. I’ll teach you some recipes and you decorate my room and take some pictures for me.« It was a good idea, but I wasn’t sure about living with five boys. »And for your luck, Louis, Liam and Zayn have girlfriends. So there are Harry and me left. Harry told me, your not his type and I just love food.« I giggled. »Okay.« I whispered. »Please?« He asked. »Okay.« I said louder. »Okay then, in about an hour I come to the hotel. Don’t eat something, we go to Starbucks. And, yeah, pack your things and check out. After the breakfast we search for work for ya. But I know what ya can do to get money.« I went to the bathroom and started to undress. »And what?« I asked while I was pulling my trousers down. »Later.« Now my string. »Wait a moment, I want to pull up my shirt.« »Why?« Niall asked shocked. »I’m not a person who takes a shower while I’m dressed.« »Oh yeah, right. I wait.« I lay the phone on the toilet seat and pulled up my shirt. I took the phone again. »Can you come in 45 minutes? Or in half an hour? I’m hungry.« »So me, love. In about half an hour, see ya!« - »See ya, bye.« I went into the shower.

  Hair was wet, body dry. I had to clean my teeth and brush my hair. A look out of the window, told me it was raining. That’s why I decided to wear my new black rubber boots, some jeans, a striped shirt and a green jacket. I wanted to got without make-up, started to pack my things and went out of the room.

  When Niall came, we hugged. I was happy to see him and he loaded my bags into he car. »Hungry?« He asked and smiled cheekily. »I’m starving!« I replied. We were laughing, while he was driving. I turned the radio on and looked out of the window, when suddenly Payphone by Maroon 5 came. Niall turned the radio louder and we both screamed »I love that song!« at the same time. »Okay, let’s play a game. I name two things, for example tree or flower, and you have to say which you like the most. And then I say what I like. Okay?« He looked at me and I nodded.

  »Okay.« He looked to the street. »Mini or Ferrari?« »Mini!« I replied. »I think I take Ferrari.« Niall said and winked at me. »Food or love?« »Love for food.« I said and giggled. »Me too.« It was fun, so we could learn more about each other. »Well, difficult question now: Portugal or ... Ireland?« He stopped the car in front of Starbucks and looked at me, expecting my decision. I didn’t know what I could say. »I don’t answer.« I said and crossed my arms. »Ask me again in a few months maybe.« I finally said and opened the door. Starbucks was full of people. Niall and I waited until we could make our order. »What do you want, love« Niall asked me. »Er, I take a Latte Macchiatto with lactose free milk, grande. And a bagel with ham. Please.« »Your name?« The woman asked. »Jules.« I said. Niall looked at me like I would be an ET. I whispered in his ears. »For an old woman in the hotel I was Jules. I like this name.« He giggled and I gave him a kiss on his cheek. »What do you want?« The woman asked Niall. »I take a bagel with ham too, two chocolate chip biscuits, a piece of the New York Cheese Cake and a red fruits tea, please. – Niall. Niall Horan.« He said. I looked at him. »My real name’s Niall James Horan. Born on the 13th of September 1993. My parents are both Irish.« He helt his hand in my direction. »Nice to meet you.« He said like a jerk. »That’s great! What a pleasure to meet you! I was born on Valentine’s Day and my mum is Portuguese and my dad’s Italian.« Niall giggled. »Wow! Sounds great, if you ask me!« We waited on the other side. »I don’t think so...« I said sarcastically and giggled too. After a man, who worked there, screamed Niall’s name, the people turned around. Niall winked at me, and when we had our coffee and tea we put sugar in them. »Niall? Pass me the cinnamon, please.« He wondered why I wanted cinnamon in my Latte Macchiato. »I love the taste of cinnamon.» I giggled quietly. »Since I’ve first tried the creamed rice from my aunt.«

  We went out of Starbucks. »Which songs do you sing? I know them maybe.« Niall started singing. »So get out, get out, get out of my head. And fall into my arms instead. I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is, but I need that one thing, yeah, you’ve got that one thing!« I shook my head. »Okay, I sing the whole song.« Niall said and started singing. While he sang he looked at me, and even when lots of people came to listen to him, I was the center of attention for him.

  »Now I know you.« I told him happily after he ended the song. Niall smiled cheekily. »I want to buy a film. You come with me?« I nodded.

  We stood for half an hour in front of DVD’s. »Which one?« He asked.
  »Hm, The Last Song is good.« Niall shrugged his shoulder. »Okay, I take it.« I thanked god Niall decided. »What’s with the job now, Niall?« I asked when we went out. »Well, you like to decorate rooms, right?« He asked. I nodded. »What’s with gardens?« I nodded again. »For first, you have to decorate the whole house and garden I bought. You have to paint the walls and we’ll buy furniture. I’ll pay for colours, furniture and all the other things. I pay for your work, of course. And then you have to decide. You can still live with us or you buy your own flat.«
  »Do you accept?« He asked. »Okay, Niall. But why did you buy a house? I mean you still have the guys!« Niall shrugged his shoulder. »The house is in Ireland.« My eyes were wide open after he said that. »I have to fly to Ireland? When?« I asked him. »In a few days. I know it’s a big surprise. I hope you still accept.« »Give me a day, Niall.«

  When we arrived at my new home, the guys waited for us. »Hey Julie!« Louis screamed when he saw me. I liked Louis, he was the funniest lad I’ve ever met. »Hey lads!« I said back and we all hugged. The guys stood in a line. »Why can I live here?« I asked and looked at the guys. »Well« Louis started. »One of us fell in love with you.« He continued. I stared at them grinning. »Yea, one of us fell in love with you.« Niall repeated angrily and looked at Louis. »I think that was the sign for who fell in love with me.« I said, still grinning. Niall blushed. »And that was another sign.« Niall’s face ran red, he hid his face behind Liam’s back. »The girls come over later. We want to make a movie night.« Harry said and started to show me their house. First we went to the livingroom. »Well, okay, erm, so... basically: the livingroom. We would need new furniture, what do you think?« Harry was saying while he was showing me some things. »That’s right. But which style? Modern, antique or country house flair?« I asked and opened my bag. »Modern!« Zayn screamed. »Can you design the whole house? Even the girls say it’s terrible!« I pulled my camera out of the bag. »Well, let me take some pictures. I need the sizes of the rooms. And give me two or three weeks. Niall has a job for me too.«

  After we had lunch, the girls came and helped me making popcorn in the kitchen. »So, Niall and you?« Perrie asked. The bowl I carried fell to the ground. Thank god, it was made of plastic.
  »There’s nothing between us, he gave me a job and showed me a bit of London. And I design his house.« »It all starts like this!« Danielle giggled. »You want to paint the wall but Niall’s going on your nerves and at the end you two are full of colours and you kiss.« Eleanor helped me cleaning the floor. »Be quiet girls.« She said and I looked at her thankful. »I give them the movie night.« The girls laughed. »Ha, ha, ha. But why do you all think he loves me? We know each other since three days!« »Because he shares his food with you!« The girls screamed. »What’s wrong with that?« »He’ve never shared his food with anybody! Do you remember how Harry reached for the crisps but Niall screamed they were his? And then, when you asked, he gave you the crisps!« Perrie explained histerically. »He just wanted to be nice to me!« I answered with a frustrated voice. »The only ways, Niall’s nice to someone, don’t belong with food! He’ve never shared his food! Except when he’s in love. Trust me. And you’re the first person since he’s in One Direction.« Eleanor said smiling. »But come on, the boys are waiting for us.«

  I sat next to Niall. He wrapped a blanket around us and stroked my hair back. We watched The last song, my favourite film, and I cried three times when the father died. »What’s up?« Niall whispered and wiped my tears away. »I love this scene. It’s one of my favourites. It’s...« I whispered. Niall helt me close, cuddled with me. »Emotional.« We two ended the sentence at the same time. He wiped my tears away, stroked my hair back and moved his head closer to mine. The butterflies in my stomach went crazy. We slowly closed our eyes, our lips met. He opened his mouth a little bit and our tongues started to dance. It felt like there’s a firework in my body. I smiled lightly and we didn’t stop, until Harry poked me and I turned around. »Sorry guys, but the film is over.« Harry said and grinned. »You were kissing for about half an hour. Dudes, you two have lungs made of steel!« I giggled and looked to Niall again. He blushed.

  While the girls and I had an argument about their bets because of Niall and me, the guys discussed, where I could sleep. »We can’t risk that she sleeps with Harry. But that would be the only way to let her stay away from Niall.« Liam said, he had the biggest heart of all. »Why?« Niall asked shocked. »I say one word: SEX!« Louis yelled and snapped his fingers in Z formation. Niall blushed, like every time. I stared at him and smiled like an idiot. Ignoring the fact, that Eleanor was talking to me. »Julie? Are you even listening?« I shook my head, back to reality. »Yea, I’m listening. Sorry. Isn’t he gorgeus?« But that wasn’t the problem now.

  »You don’t have to sleep on the floor, Niall. You can lie next to me.« I said. We all decided, that I could stay with Niall. But he had to sleep on the floor. I laughed in my mind. He would never ever sleep on the floor! But yes, he would. And he showed me.
  »Are you sure?« He asked insecure. I nodded and then he came and lay down next to me. Niall looked at me and opened his arms. I came closer to him and my head lay on his chest. I could hear his heart was beating fast. »Julie, I... I think I love you.«
  I whispered that I thought I’d love him too. And we fell asleep.

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