Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


19. Epilogue


  »Congratulations, Julie!« My best friend screamed when she saw me in my wedding dress. »For what? Niall and I can still say that we don’t want to marry anymore.« I mumbled and ran my fingers over my dress – again and again and again. »Do ya remember how you once said ya want to marry with 25 years and have children with 28? Because “your career would be the most important step in your life”?« I hit her on the arm. »I love you too.« I answered. Our friendship lasted for nine years now and she was still my bad side. »Fatty!« - »Cellulite-ass!« I answered her and we two hugged laughing. »I missed you so much, my dumb-ass sweetie!« »I missed you too, psycho-bride.«

  »You may kiss the bride.« Niall kissed me passionately. My butterflies went crazier than ever before and I showed a lot of emotions. »I love you.« He whispered. »I love you too.« I whispered back and our lips met again.

  »Julie?« My brother asked, I turned around to face him. »What’s up?« »Do you remember how we discussed that I could never visit you in England, because I was mad with you?« He reminded me and I nodded. »Am I still not allowed to visit you?« He asked again. I giggled. »Under the condition that you speak English with us. And you have to help me cleaning the house. But that’s easy with the right music. This whole summer?« I said as an offer. He smiled happily. »Then stay with us, till the end. I love you, little brother.« I pulled him to me and hugged him tightly. »I love you too, weird sister.« He answered.

  The summer was great. We made a road-trip through the United Kingdom because Paulo wanted to see the country. When we brought him to the airport at the end of his holidays, he hugged us tight and gave Erin and Phoenix kisses on their foreheads. »Thank you. For everything! It was so cool to be here!« He thanked us and went to check-in. »Paulo, wait!« I screamed and ran to him. I forgot to give him something. »Until we see us again, I want you to have this with you.« I gave him a little book. »Open it when you’re sitting in the airplane, alright? I love you. Be nice to the girls.« I winked and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

  »What was the thing you gave him?« Niall asked when we went back to our car. »While he was here I collected postcards, special flowers and pictures and put them into a photo-album. That he’ll always remember this holidays.« We sat down in the car and Niall drove away from the airport. »Do ya want to go to Starbucks?« He asked me and I nodded as an answer. I turned on the radio and looked outside of the window. «Oh my goodness, I can’t...» I turned the radio louder. »I love that song!« I screamed. »Me too!« Niall answered and we smiled.  

  »Okay, let’s play a game. I name two things, for example tree or flower, and you have to say which you like the most. And then I say what I like. Okay?« He looked at me and I nodded smiling, remembering the day he said he loves me.

  »Portugal... Or Ireland?« He asked me. I looked him in the eyes and helt his free hand. Millions of feelings were dancing right now. I always wanted to know how it’s like to be loved. I wanted to experience true love. Now, I knew it.




The End

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