Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


4. Dance with me tonight


Niall’s POV

  Julie woke up in my arms. She slowly opened her brown eyes and smiled when she saw me. »Liam came in, twenty minutes ago. He said he would ignore us and told “the air” that they would all go take a walk now. I told him, that we’re going to do something together and that this would take a long time.« She giggled. I knew she had the same thought like Liam. »No Sex.« I told her. She stopped giggling. »I know, I just imagined how Liam could have looked at you.« And then I giggled too. »Are you hungry?« I asked her. She played with my necklace. »What’s with Ireland?« She asked me. »Are your eyes in amber or brown?« I asked her. »Do you really love me?« Boom! She waited for my answer, but she didn’t look at me. She still played with the shamrock. »Yes.« I answered. And my heart stopped when she looked at me. »Why?« Her curls stuck in all directions. »Because you are beautiful, clever and cute. And you knew me as Niall, and not as Niall from One Direction, when we first met.« She smiled. »Amber in the light.« »What do you mean?« »My eyes. You asked which-« I couldn’t hold it any longer. I kissed her. Passionately, with so much love I could give her.

  »I decided because of Ireland. When can we fly?« Julie was sitting on the kitchen counter while I was drinking the last drop of my tea. »When do you want to fly?« I washed the mug. »ASAP?« I raised an eyebrow. »And why?« She smiled. »Don’t know. I work in my holidays, or something like that. I need money, Niall. That’s it. But if everything is going to work good between us, you don’t have to pay me.« She said and jumped off of the counter. »See it as a price. I work and get your love, and you give me love and don’t have to pay me.« She smiled and was sure she won. »What’s when I don’t love you anymore after... a few weeks?« I asked. She closed her eyes a little bit and looked at me angrily. »Then I get the house.« »The garden.« »A horse. And you pay monthly, weekly, daily for its things.« »Deal.« We shook our hands and laughed. »But if you still love me after a few months, I still wish for a horse.« She grinned and kissed me.

  »...to Mullingar...« Shit, I had to hurry up. I ran out of the restrooms to see Julie playing with a little girl. »Look that’s Mummy Potato and that’s Daddy Potato.« Then she saw me. »And there’s my Captain Potato.« She smiled cheekily and called me. I went to her. »Hey, love. What are ya doing?« She took a doll and dressed it with a green coat. »I’m feeling like a happy child.« She grinned at the girl and the girl smiled back. »That’s nice, love. But I’m sorry we have to go. Our flight...« She stood up after she gave the girl a kiss on the cheek, said goodbye to the little girl’s mother and followed me. »I love you, Captain Potato.« She said giggling and took my hand. I hold it tight, like I could lose her if I wouldn’t. »I love you too, princess.« And we kissed.

  »Welcome to Ireland... Again.« She mumbled. The sun shined softly. »Again?« I asked her. We went to a taxi which was waiting for us in front of the airport. »I already visited Mullingar, in my Easter Holidays this year. It was a birthday present from my aunt. We two flew to Ireland to drink an Irish Coffee.« She said like it would be something normal. I loaded the bags into the taxi. »Julie, I know that you know that... But, I love you. I really do.« I said and kissed her and while we were sharing a passionate kiss there were paparazzis who took pictures of us.

  We arrived at the house I bought. »I love it!« Julia screamed excited and ran to the garden. It was a big one with lots of trees and a lakelet, with flowers and a pool. »I can see your excitement!« I replied laughing. »Here aren’t fishes!« Julie said and pouted. »We can buy some, love.« I promised and hugged her from behind. My arms were wrapped around her belly and my head lay on her shoulder. She breathed slowly and looked around. Turned her head slowly to the left, then slowly to the right.
  »I really love it, Niall. It’s so beautiful here!« She whispered. »But I’m hungry.« I could here her stomach calling for food. »Pizza? Noodles? Fish? Chicken? What’s your mood today?« I asked her interested. She shrugged her right shoulder. »Surprise me.«

  »You really drove to the supermarket, to make salmon?« Julie asked and wanted to help me, but I shouted she should go away. »Baby, for you I would even cook a whole cow. Because I love you and I want that you feel good when you’re around me.« I looked at her and smiled immediately. She was definitely that girl I was searching for. I told her she should decide which things she would need for the house, so she ran to her bags, pulled out her camera, some pieces of paper and a pencil. When she came to the kitchen again she raised an eyebrow. »What’s up, princess?« I asked her. »This kitchen definitely needs new things. I don’t like this oven. I like gas-toves! Why don’t we take a gas-tove? They are much better for cooking.« »Says the girl who just can cook noodles.« »And eggs.« She added. I grinned. »Of course. And eggs.« And shook my head. »Red. Red sheen furniture for this room.« She mumbled and wrote it down. »Why red?«
  »Because the brain notices the colour and makes us think that the food is more delicious.« She answered, looking down on the paper sheet. »Or we take it in land house style, with red, purple, green and blue decoration. A color per season. And the towels with squares and this stuff. You know.« She rolled her eyes. »You’re the boss. I’m your slave.« I said relaxed, making the dressing for the fish. »But that’s your house.« »Our house.« »Okay, our house. But you have to feel good. Home, sweet home. You know.« I turned around to face her. »Land house.« »Sure?« I nodded.

  After lunch and some other discussions about decoration, furniture and colours, Julie finally sat down on the grass. Listened to music and drank a tea. »Isn’t it cold outside?« I asked her loudly while I stood in the winter garden. “But i want flowers!” – “Why?” – “Because I like flowers!” I shook my head when I remembered our argument. “What’s so special about flowers?” – “They look nice!” She said, showing her fiery temperament. Our discussion ended with: “Then work on your own.” And “I’m going to book a flight back to London tomorrow for you, I don’t want to see you anymore.” And some swearings from my side. »I don’t give a fuck!« She answered angrily. But I saw how she shivered. So I catched up some blankets, a warm jacket and went to her. »I’m so sorry, love. I didn’t mean to discuss with you about some flowers. But who can nurse them when we’re not here?« I asked her, wrapping the blankets around our bodies. »I know, Niall. But you want a home, a place you can come to when you’re here in your hometown. For me, my home always had plants. Small ones, big ones. And, Niall, I don’t know if you’ve already heard about it. Nowadays there are special things which can give the flowers water, at a special time. What do ya think about that? That would be great, wouldn’t it?« Her good mood was back, she smiled at me. I poked her. »Alright, but not so many!« She shook her head. »Whatever you want.«

  The sun slowly went down. »Babe, you know what?« I started to say. »Have you ever danced in the night, in Ireland, under the moonlight?« I asked her. She shook her head, like half an hour ago. »Then I want you to dance with me tonight.« I told her, stood up and pulled her with me.

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