Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


6. Cupcakes


Niall’s POV

 These weeks with Julie were incredible. She finished the work, we went fishing and before we flew back to London we made a little road trip through some counties.

  Now, a month later, after Julie restored the house in London, she moved into her own flat. The girls helped her. I was nervous, when Julie told us she found a flat. I didn’t want her to live alone, I wanted so badly that she’d live with me. The fantastic four, Julie, Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor, worked 24 hours a day in this flat. They all choosed the colours, decoration, furniture, like they would live together. When it was time for me to visit Julie’s flat, I didn’t know what I could bring her, the girls said I should bring her some flowers, but I wanted something more personal.
  I arrived at the flat, a window was open and I could smell something exotic. I rang the bell and after a very short time she opened the door. She lived on the top so I had to walk many stairs.
  »Niall!« She screamed. She stood in the door with a pink dress and opened her arms. I hugged her and gave her a kiss. »Hey love, you look beautiful.« She blushed and hid her face at my chest. »Come in.« She mumbled after she turned around. She showed me the flat. It was a maisonette. Downstairs she had the livingroom, kitchen a bathroom and her wardrobe. Upstairs she had her bedroom, an office and another bathroom. Every room had a colour, her bedroom had a magenta, with white and floral decoration and textiles. The livingroom was in a mintgreen, with flowers too and light yellow stuff. It looked like a flower meadow. The kitchen had the red sheen furniture and the gas-tove she wanted in Ireland. A black wall was on the left side of the room. A black board. She had written her shopping list at the wall, with red chalk. And the bathrooms were gigantic. Mosaicked walls in an indigo and royal blue, a bathing tube, a shower and a giant mirror were in both of the rooms. They were a bit in navy style, but I liked it.

  »Go to the livingroom, babe. I come with the food.« She said and pushed me slowly to the livingroom. On the table stood a vase with yellow flowers. And there she came. With a thing which looked like a wok. A wok with a wok on it. She opened the double-wok and the smell of shellfish was in the air. »Shellfish-mood?«  I asked her and she nodded excited. She sat down on the table. »Happy one month anniversary.« She said and smiled at me.

  The food was great, after it we had sweets, special things from Portugal, and beer. »I wanted to buy wine, but honestly, I don’t like wine. My mum always said, I’m a beer drinker instead of a wine-drinker, like she is.« She apologized. »You want some whiskey?« She asked and wanted to stand up from the couch we were lying on. I pulled her back to me and kissed her. »No, I’m happy like this.« I answered and closed my eyes. Then I opened them fast. »I forgot something in the car, I come back again.« I said fast and stood up rough. »Take the keys.« Julie mumbled. »They hang behind the door.« I took the keys and ran down.

Julie’s POV

  Niall acted strange before he ran down to his car. While he was outside I turned on the CD-Player and lit up some candles. Michael Bublé was playing, A foggy day (in London town), when Niall ran upstairs again. He opened the door from my flat and helt something in his hands. »I made cupcakes.« He said and grinned. I looked to the plate he helt. Cupcakes, pink cupcakes. Like he had known I would wear something pink today.

  »El, what should I wear today?« Eleanor looked from her phone up to me. »The pink dress.« She answered looked back to her phone and tipped something in. »Julie!« Perrie screamed from downstairs. I ran down and saw her at the laptop. »Do you think that you can put jewellery like a necklace into a cupcake or muffin before they come into the oven?« She asked. I shrugged my shoulder. »Well, I would clean the necklace, but I would test it with a cheaper one first, and then I would put it into the cupcake dough, push it into the oven and wait. In the end you see the solution.« I mumbled and wrinkled my forehead. She tipped something and searched. »Ah, okay, it works. Thanks, Julie. Get ready.«

  »Take one.« Niall said after we sat down on the couch again. I took the one with the heart on it and bit. »Ouch, what-?« I looked at the cupcake and saw a silver necklace. »Niall...« I said shocked. I pulled the necklace carefully out of the dough. A heart hang at the necklace. I love you, has been graved in the heart. I looked up to him and tears welled up in my eyes. »You like it?« He asked and looked insecure. »I love it, Niall! I love the necklace! I love the cupcakes! And I love you, even more than the rest! Thank you!« I screamed happily and kissed him passionately. He put the necklace around my neck and kissed me.

  Later in the evening, when we went to bed, I fell asleep in his arms. »I love you, Julie. Forever.« He whispered and gave me a kissed me on my head. »I love you too, Niall. Forever

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