Portugal or Ireland?

Actually there to study, Julia finds the love of her life in London. Mister Niall Horan, member of One Direction, one of the most famous boy-groups in the whole world!

But will the fans accept her? Will her mother accept her boyfriend?
What will it be?

Portugal.... Or Ireland?


9. Baby


I dreamed of babies. Everywhere were babies. Everybody just said »Baby«. It was horrible. I woke up, my whole body was shaking and wet. Niall wasn’t with me, I pulled away the blanket. Baby. »Oh my god!« I cried. I stood up, searched for somebody. The lads were still here, I heard someone crying in the baby bed. In the bed was lying a baby. Brown hair, blue eyes. My nose, Niall’s mouth. »Mum!« I screamed for my mum in Portuguese even when she wasn’t here. On the walls hang photos. Niall and me and baby. I went away, went to the livingroom. There they sat. Baby Zayn and Baby Harry were playing Halo:Reach. »Oh my god. That’s nothing for you!« I said frustrated and tried to turn off the TV. Baby Liam sat in front of the laptop and was still on twitcam. In the kitchen, Baby Louis and Baby Eleanor tried to cook some noodles. I ran out of the house, out to the garden, sat down on the grass, wet from the rain, which was still falling. I just wore my top and underwear...

  »Baby, why are you lying here? It’s cold!« Niall said. I screamed when he put a blanket around my body. »Our baby, Niall. It screamed. And the lads were babies too. And you! You were a baby! Everyone was a baby! We had a baby!« I said and started crying. Niall pulled me closer and we sat together on the grass, hugging, while it was raining. »What time is it?« I asked him. He looked up to the heaven and then straight into my eyes. »Time to talk about your fears.« Tears were welling up in my eyes again when he helt my hand.

  »The night after I met the guys, I dreamed of us. There was this dark road and you waited for me at its end. Suddenly I fell on the way to you. And there we were again. I wore a white dress and honestly, it looked like a wedding dress. The road had thorns and potsherds, nails and stones. I ran to you but something pushed my body down to the ground and I started bleeding. Finally we were together, everything was fine again and you said »Follow your dreams, love. I love you.«« I interviewed our fingers. »Do you always dream those psycho dreams?« I shook my head. »Only when I want something. If the dreams have a good end like the one with the road, it means that I’m ready for something. If they have a bad end, like the one with the babies, I have to wait, I’m not ready. But I wanna know what your dream-me meant with “Follow your dreams”.« I could see the sky turned to a light blue. It was morning. »Do you remember how you once said you wanna live here, drive a Mini, marry an Irish or British and have four bab- children?« I nodded. Sure, I remember I once told him. »Well and part one of your wishes came true. You live here. So, why don’t we let your second wish come true and you gonna buy a Mini?« That was a great idea, because of my job I had enough money to buy a car, I’ve got my driver licence... I nodded.
  »Okay, let’s buy a car.« I finally said and smiled lightly.
  When we went back to our bedroom Niall started kissing my neck, pulled down the sleeves of my top and kissed my shoulders.
  »I want you.« Niall whispered in my ear, his Irish accent and his voice let shivers ran down my whole body. I turned around to look in his beautiful blue eyes. He pulled me closer and we kissed, with every second our kisses got more passionate and I swore, I felt he was getting a boner. He pulled up my top and lay me softly down on the chaise-longue behind the purple satin curtains. Therefore the chaise-longue stood in our room, I thought before he started to massage my breasts, making me moan loudly. His mouth wandered down, leaving a trail of kisses on my neck and chest. Finally his lips were on my breasts and his tongue ran circles on my nipples. I got wetter and wetter. My fingers ran through his hair, making him moan softly. Suddenly he stopped, gave me a kiss and slowly, without any rush, he pulled down my string. He teased me and I just moaned, enjoying his touches on my skin. After the string fell down on the floor, Niall spread my legs and started to eat me out. I moaned his name loudly. He put two of his large finger in my wet pussy and started pumping. »Niall, please. Get in me!« I screamed. Niall’s head moved back to mine and he kissed me. »Are you sure, love? I mean, that would be our first time.« He mumbled between our kisses. »Please.« I begged him and played with his hair. I pulled down the only thing he wore, his boxers. And I saw how hard he was and how- »Wow, Niall.« I said. »Er, well, erm, may I?« I asked, pointing my fingers at his dick. He blushed, still showing that he was the sensitive and lovely boyfriend. But hey, honestly, it turned me on so much now. I put his dick in my mouth and gave him a blow-job, making him moan louder than me. He released and I swallowed his fluids. Because of his position I thought about climbing on him and riding him. When he put his large cock into my pussy, I screamed. Pain was too big! But after some seconds it turned to real pleasure and I rode him up and down. Then Niall pushed me on my back, took my legs and they rested on his shoulders. So, he could thrust in me deeper and deeper, making me scream his name. He hit my g-spot every time. »Niall! I’m gonna cum!« I screamed and we both reached our climax. »I love you, Julie.« »I love you, too.« We said and fell asleep on the chaise-longue. 

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