One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


6. Why won't these feelings go away?


Rylee’s POV

I can’t believe it’s been only a month since Emma moved here it feels like I’ve known her forever she’s amazing. It’s nice to have a girl in the group and the best thing is Harry no longer feels awkward around me and Liam because he has Emma she’s like the girl we’ve all been waiting for.

There’s only one problem you see I’ve liked Harry for ages now I know I go with Liam and I love him but my heart disagrees it seems to think I love Harry and this causes tension sometimes between me and Emma although she doesn’t know it.

I was suddenly brought out of my thoughts by Emma’s voice.

“Rylee you there you’ve just been sat there for 5 minutes staring at me and Harry you okay?”

“Huh oh yeah im fine sorry daydreaming again you know what im like” she just laughed at me.

“Yeah I know what you’re like” she giggled “remind me to visit Ryleeland one day it looks like it’s interesting”

“Emma you should know by now it’s Ryleeville” I replied sticking my tongue out at her.

“Oh god Rylee you crack me up” She laughed.

“You should probably go the doctors with that” I winked at her and she just burst into hysterical laughter and in the end we were all laughing because of how infectious her laugh is.

When Harry had calmed down he decided he was going to try shut Emma up so he grabbed her chin and leant down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips and I couldn’t help the pang of jealousy that ran right through me, I mean you think I’d be used to it after they’ve been together nearly a month but im not. My thoughts were interrupted again but this time by the bell signalling lunch was over.

I walked to my next class hand in hand with Liam and I was happy well so my mind was telling me but my heart was telling me different and it was saying I want Harry. I try my best to listen to head for mine and Emma’s friendship’s sake but sometimes I can’t control it.

Why can’t these feelings just go away?

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