One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


13. Who's the daddy?


Emma’s POV

You know them moments where you sit and think about what’s happened in your life well that’s exactly what im doing now so much had happened in 3 years. Me and Harry were still very much together in fact we were engaged and are in full planning mode, Rylee, Liam and Darcy were still a big happy family and I just found out I’m pregnant with mine and Harry’s first child although I hadn’t told him yet because of my condition it’s a very risky pregnancy.

“Emma!” Harry called up the stairs.

Shit I thought quickly disposing of the test and flushing the toilet and washing my hands. “Coming”

I opened the door and walked straight into Harry as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer “Hey babe” he whispered before placing a soft gentle kiss on my lips.

“Erm. Rylee was on the phone she said she needs you to go to hers and Liam’s place asap” Harry mumbled.

“What why? You only just got in and I have to go” I frowned.

“Hey what happened to girls putting their friends before boys” He laughed.

“I’m feeling selfish” I winked.

“Come on I’ll drop you off” he chuckled even more as we made our way to the car to go Rylee and Liam’s.


As we approached their house I could see they were leaving and about to pile into their family car but Darcy wasn’t being her normal cheeky 3 year old self she was wrapped into a blanket and cuddled into Rylee. What was going on?

I stepped out of the car and made my way over to my best friend in a hurry to see if she was okay. “Rylee what’s going on?” I asked as I got closer I could hear Harry approaching behind me.

“Darcy she’s ill we need to get her to hospital fast so just follow behind us and we will meet you there” I just nodded as Rylee rushed about getting a very pale drained looking Darcy sorted out. Her brown curls looked matted to her face and her blue/green eyes didn’t have their normal shine and her dimples weren’t dotted on her face as they normally would be there was definitely something up.

As me and Harry made the way back to the car there was only one thing crossing my mind and that was how much Darcy looked like Harry yeah she did have some of Rylee in her but as she grew older her features changed and I couldn’t find Liam in her anywhere it was strange. I felt my face screw up in confusion and I think Harry noticed this as he turned to look at me.

“What’s up Em?” He asked concerned.

“Nothing I’m fine just feel a little sick” I smiled at him.

“You’ve been sick a lot lately are you sure you’re okay we could book an appointment while were here” he mumbled.

“I’m fine Harry just drop it” I groaned.



We arrived about half an hour after Liam and Rylee because me and Harry had to stop for me to be sick a couple of times but when we finally got there we saw a very cut up Liam stood in the waiting room with no signs of Rylee or Darcy anywhere.

“Liam” I shouted making my way towards him and pulling him into a hug.

“What’s up?” I asked pulling him to sit down and rubbing soothing circles on his back.

“It’s not me Emma” He cried harder. I looked up at Harry confused then back down at Liam.

“Liam what do you mean” I asked.

“I’m not Darcy’s dad and we have no idea who is Rylee won’t say anything she just keeps muttering about ruining to many relationships and friendships” Liam answered and I felt my jaw drop and Harry tensed beside me.

My mind kept thinking the same thing over and over but I didn’t know whether to say anything or not and it seems my mind choose for me.

“It’s you isn’t it” I turned towards Harry and whispered Liam’s head flew up and Harry tensed even more.

“Oh my god it is isn’t it you slept with Rylee” I screamed at him and his face paled. As Liam just sat there unsure what to do.

“Harry answer me” I shouted again…nothing.

“Liam which room is Rylee in” I asked and he pointed in the direction I needed to go and I marched towards the room and swung the door open.

“Rylee can I have a word please” I tried my best to smile and she just nodded and made her way towards me.

Her face dropped once she saw the anger that now overtook my face. I never got angry just upset but right now at this moment in time I couldn’t be angrier.

“You can either tell me the truth straight away Rylee or we can stand here all day until you do. Did you or did you not sleep with my fiancée three years ago?” I asked whisper shouting.

“Erm…im so sorry Emma” The tears began to roll down her face but that wasn’t going to work for me.

“Don’t say you’re sorry answer my bloody question or even better answer this one is Harry Darcy’s father?” I replied looking her straight in the eyes.

More tears began to run down her face and she nodded carefully. That was it I couldn’t take it the upset over took the anger and tears rolled fast down my face until I was nearly drowning myself.

“Rylee I don’t think we can be friends anymore friends don’t lie and this is the biggest most heart-breaking lie ever I hope your happy with yourself Liam really loves you and you just threw that away like garbage I hope your happy” and with that I made my way back to the waiting room to make my point to Harry as well I mean it takes two to tango right.

As I was walking I removed my engagement ring from my hand and made my way over to Harry who was still sat like stone just like Liam.

I walked up to him and took his hand in mine which relaxed him a little this was my plan. I wriggled my hand a little so the ring landed in his. I smiled at him the best I could as I felt the tears on the brim of my eyes.

“Harry we’re over” and with that said I walked away and let the tears flow. There’s only one place I wanted to be right now and that was back home not mine and Harry’s home, Anne’s home she’s the only one who will understand right now, yes Harry is her son but she will find out eventually and ever since I had to move in with them 4 year ago she had been like a mam to me.

I could hear Harry trying to catch up with me as I made my way out of the hospital, and I stopped when I realised I have no way of getting home I turned around to be faced with a tear stained Harry and honestly it pained me to see him in pain I still loved him probably always will and that’s exactly why I need to get out of here.

“Emma, wait I’m sorry” Harry shouted.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it Harry, anyway it looks like your daughters ill you should probably check on her” I spat, trust me I have nothing against Darcy if anything I love her to pieces.

“Emma, please” he begged.

“No Harry you didn’t even tell me about it wait when did you, you know?” I asked unsure if I wanted to know.

“Ouroneyearanniversary” He rushed.

“What Harry? Get some balls and speak the hell up” I replied my voice filled with sarcasm.

“Our one year anniversary Emma okay at the party in your bed” Harry shouted getting angry now.

I couldn’t even reply I had no words for him I just turned on my heels and ran hoping to find a bus stop or something I just didn’t want to be near him.

I felt a hand wrap round my wrist “Go away Harry” I shouted yanking my hand away.

“Emma stop it’s me” Liam shouted.

I quickly turned around and ran into his embrace he was the only one who knew exactly what I was feeling right now and I knew we needed each other.

“Should I take you home?” Liam asked.

I just nodded and we made our way to his car.


After a long silent car journey we finally arrived at mine and Harry’s house.

“liam would you come in and help me pack please” I whispered.

He just nodded and unbuckled his belt before stepping out of the car I followed in his footsteps towards the house.

As we got inside the house I turned to Liam and I knew I had to get something off my mind and it seemed Liam was the perfect guy.

“Liam can I tell you something” I asked quietly.

He nodded and made his way towards the sofa patting the space next to him I went and sat beside him and he placed his hand on my knee.

“What’s on your mind Em?” He asked you could still hear the tears in his voice.

“Liam…I’m…I’m” I began as I felt more tears trickle down my face.

“Go on Em you know you can tell me” He pushed.

“I’m pregnant with Harry’s baby and he doesn’t know” I rushed.

“I though you couldn’t get pregnant” Liam gasped.

“Me too” I sighed “But the morning sickness and test tells me otherwise”

“Emma what are you going to do? Where are you going to live” Liam asked.

“I don’t know I wish I could go to live with Anne again but I can’t just go oh hey just me again your son cheated on me and has a baby with my best friend can I live here oh my god Liam what are we going to do our life has been ruined by our best friends” I cried.

We were interrupted by a banging on the door both our heads shot up as we saw Harry’s silhouette in the window this can’t be good.

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