One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


20. Well this is awkward!


Emma’s POV

When we had finally got to Liam’s we had all settled in straight away especially Max he loved both Danielle and Liam. I was glad to see little Maxi happy, everything was looking up now and honestly I liked it.

“Liam you don’t have any tea bags left so I’m just going to nip out and get some, Come on Maxi” I called.

Max came running through his curls bobbing on the top of his head; he stopped in front of me so I could place his jacket on. “Come on baby boy” I smiled making our way out of the door.

As we walked down the familiar streets of Holmes chapel Max slightly skipping next to me, I saw someone walking towards us in the distance they looked so familiar. Then I saw them, the curls. No it can’t be, but deep down I knew it was.

As they drew closer I could see confusion etched onto their face as if they were figuring something out. Until they pointed at me “Emma is that you?” Omg no he remembers, crap, crap, crap. I felt Max hide behind my leg as I grinded to halt smiling awkwardly…

“Hi Harry” I waved.

“Omg it is you!” He smiled “And is this Max he’s so cute” Harry cooed.

I just nodded I couldn’t believe it of all the people to see walking to the shop it was him. “So where you heading?” Harry asked trying to fill the awkward silence.

“The shop I want tea and Liam doesn’t have any tea” I explained, Harry looked at me funny.

“You’re staying at Liam’s I was just heading there” he then smiled, but it soon faded “Why are you in town Emma?” He asked.

That one question of them all he asks the one question I don’t feel confident enough to answer. “I-I’m getting married, in two days, here” I stuttered.

Harry looked at me shocked his mouth fell open “Your engaged?”

“Yes Harry that’s what you tend to be before you get married” I chuckled hitting his arm trying to break all the tension I could feel when suddenly felt a tug on my pants leg, I looked down to see Max staring at me his eyes full of curiosity.

“Mammy who’s that?” He asked.

“Max this is your d-I mean Harry this is Harry” I nodded hoping to god no one caught on to my slip us luckily no one did and then Max being the outgoing character he is ran up to Harry and cuddled his legs, before he bent down and picked Max up and ruffled his curls. Max did the same to Harry which made us all giggle.

“Hawey has curly hair just like mine and look mammy he has holes in his cheeks to just like me Wow” Max looked around in amazement.

“There called dimples sunshine” Harry cooed poking max right in his dimple making Max chuckle it amazed me how well these two got on already, maybe I made the wrong choice Harry looked like he’s a great dad.

“So Emma who’s the lucky lad your marrying? Max’s dad?” He asked looking right at me and suddenly without thought my mind filled with ‘I wish’ what was that all about I didn’t want to marry harry did i?

“You wish what Emma?”

Crap I said that out loud I felt my face redden and heat up…Well this is awkward. 

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