One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


1. This is just the beginning!


Emma’s POV

I was getting more and more nervous as I dashed around my bedroom trying to get all my stuff packed. I needed to be ready I had already packed all my other belongings which had already been took away it was just my clothes waiting to be shoved in a case. You’re probably wondering what im doing well…im Emma and right now I am currently packing my old life into a box or boxes in this case to get ready to start my new one in Holmes chapel.  I only live down the road from Holmes chapel it’s an hour drive maximum.

I’m going to live with my mam’s best friend Anne Styles and her husband Robin she also has a son and daughter Harry and Gemma. You’re probably wondering why my parents are sending me off to live with their best friends well there not. My parents passed away last week in a crucial car accident they had died on the scene and so had the man who caused but if he hadn’t I’d have made sure he did die. I loved my parents so much they were very fun loving and caring I always used to wonder what I would do without well I guess now I know…

Once I had finished packing I took one last look around my house before making a quick escape as the tears ran down my face. I knew I should try and stay strong as I didn’t want the Styles family to see me like this but it’s hard. I got into the taxi that was going to follow the moving van tried my best to smile at the driver.

“Are you okay miss?”  

“Oh Erm. Yeah im fine just fine can we go please?” I rushed not wanting to talk about it he just nodded and started the car. I guess this is it im on my way to my new life in the picturesque town of Holmes Chapel.


“Miss we are here” The taxi driver said while shaking me awake.

“Oh thank you” I fake smiled as I stepped out of the car taking in my new surroundings that I will now call home.

I grabbed my suitcase and began to walk up the path to my new home hesitant to knock on the door. When eventually got the confidence to knock on the door it flung open to reveal a boy with a mop of curly hair, I smiled at him and he smiled back showing off his dimples.

“Hey you must be Emma” He smiled again.

“Yeah that’s me, im guessing your Harry” I replied.

“That’s right, why don’t you come on in I’ll show to your room then you can meet the family okay?” I just nodded a bit startled by the beauty of him his brown curly hair those cute dimples, his blue/green eyes and that tanned skin. I shook my head as I realised I was staring and Harry just laughed at me. I began to walk in and followed Harry up the stairs to my new room.

When I got inside my room I realised Harry had left me alone me alone in this room with just my thoughts, my thoughts that were saying so far this new home aint so bad after all as Harry is probably one of the nicest boys I’ve laid eyes on. But I couldn’t help but think this is only the beginning… 

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