One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


4. They all hate me!


Emma’s POV                                  

Once me and Harry had got to school I had met Liam and Rylee and we all clicked straight away it was like we had known each other for years not a matter of minutes. Although everyone else in school seemed to hate me. Everywhere I went someone throws an insult at me but Harry always told them to shut up.

As we walked into the cafeteria at dinner to meet with Liam and Rylee the insults started again.

“Harry what you doing with that loser”

“Wow what a geek”

“I bet she’s nothing but an ugly slag”

These are only a few things being said my mind was spinning trying to work out what I’d done wrong to deserve this but nothing came to mind. As we approached our dinner table I just sat there with a blank expression on my face I knew if I tried to show any emotion I’d cry I need to go home.

“Emma you ok?” Harry asked.

“Yeah I just don’t feel well I think im going to go home just tell the teachers im ill okay?” I asked him

“Yeah sure be careful though promise”

“Yeah I promise see you at home, bye Rylee, bye Liam”

“Bye Emma” They both replied.

With that I made my way home which to my luck was just around the corner. I got my key out ready as I knew the rest were all out working and of course Harry was at school.

As soon as I was in the safety of my room I broke down I slid down the front of my door and put my head on my knees and sobbed I knew what I had to do for the pain so I made my way to my en suite bathroom and pulled open the cupboard that held my razors.

I sat on the toilet staring down at my already scared wrist and then at the razor. I quickly applied pressure with the blade of the razor to my wrist and watched as the blood trickled from the wounds, I repeated this action until I began to feel dizzy and weak the blood flowing fast from my wrist. I fell of the toilet seat to the cold hard floor next to me.

I fumbled about with my pockets to find my phone I had never been this bad before I knew I had to text Harry.

To: Harry


Was all I could manage and as I pressed send I felt my eyelids became heavy and the blackness took over and everything went dark.

Harry’s POV

Just as I was about to leave the cafeteria to get some air because head was filled with worries about Emma I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I got it out and read the screen.

To Harry

From Emma


Oh no this can’t be good I ran out of the cafeteria I could hear Liam and Rylee screaming my name but I didn’t care I just kept running until I reached our house. I flung the door open and started screaming her name but there was no reply this can’t be good I ran upstairs to her room and opened the door so hard I heard it slam against the wall but she wasn’t in her room. Then I saw the door to her ensuite was ajar so I went over to it and pushed it open a little.

That’s when I saw her laying there in her own pool of blood her whole body was pale and she wasn’t moving. I rushed over to her to see the razor lying on the floor next to her I sighed I can’t believe she’d done it again. I quickly checked her pulse and luckily it was still there. I ran downstairs to get some bandages and antiseptic so I could wrap up her cuts up which at the moment were still bleeding.

I rushed back up stairs and started to tend to Emma’s cuts she started wincing when I dabbed on the antiseptic which in a way was a good sign she was coming round. Once I had bandaged up all her wrist I was covered in her blood but I didn’t care I just pulled her close to me and started rocking her hoping she’d come round. Suddenly I jumped at the sound of her voice it was weak and slow.

“They all hate me Harry they hate me” I just looked at her I can’t believe it was the stupid pigs at school that had done this to her.

“It’s okay Emma im here don’t worry” I whispered to her.

I wish she knew how much I really cared.

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