One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


15. The letter...


I made my way over to the bed to pick it up. I picked up gently knowing it was off Emma it was killing me knowing what might be inside so I opened it slowly and began to read:

Dear Harry,

Harry I just thought I’d take this opportunity to say thank you for everything you did for me. All those times you saved me and stayed by me.

Don’t ever think I don’t love you because I do I promise I just hate what you did it breaks me just to think about it. I will miss you Harry, we had a good time together though right? So many good memories. Like a month ago when you took me on a surprise trip to Paris it was magical and trust me it means more than you may believe.

Anyway Harry maybe one day we shall cross paths again and I hope if we do we can put this behind us and maybe be friends, yeah friends that will be nice. But for now I think it’s best we keep our distance, I won’t be at Liam’s long I’m going to move away but I’m not going to tell you where I don’t want you running after me trying to fix something that’s already so broken.

Remember to look after Darcy, Harry what you have is precious you have a daughter it’s what you’ve always wanted at least now we know the real reason behind her name.

Maybe one day you will have more children with someone you love. I’m sorry I was unable to provide you that Harry truly I am and I know I may not be able to provide any one else it but please Harry live your dreams and I’ll try live mine.

All my love,

Your future friend,

Emma xx

I re read that letter about 10 times before the tears were full on streaming down my face, she was gone and there’s nothing I can do…

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