One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


7. The best year of my life...


Emma’s POV

“Harry!” I shouted.

I heard his footsteps on the hallway and then my door flung open revealing a smiling Harry a dimple dotted on each cheek “Yes babe”

“Do you know what today is” I smiled at him.

“Hmm…I don’t know” my face dropped as he walked closer to me “Is it by any chance the anniversary of the best year of my life” My smile returned as he said this.

“It might be” I smiled at him “I have something for you”

“Emma I don’t want a present being able to call you my girlfriend is enough"

“Shut up you idiot and open it” He looked at the present and then began opening it his face plastered with a massive grin.

“I’ve been wanting these for ages thank you so much” He smiled at me and gave me a hug, I had bought him a new jack wills top a pair of chinos and some TOMS that he had, had his eye on.

“I have something for you too” he smiled and walked out only to return a minute later with a long blue velvet jeweller’s box in his hand.

“Here you go babe” he said handing me the box. I smiled at him then carefully lifted the lid to see the contents.

I gasped “It’s beautiful”

He had got me a silver charm bracelet with a heart locket charm and it had the word ‘together’ engraved on it. 

“Open it” He urged.

I delicately opened the locket to reveal a picture of me and Harry on our first date and then a blank space.

“I thought we could put a picture from tonight in there” he smiled.

“Oh Harry I love it thank you so much” I hugged him and he lifted my chin up so I was looking into his eyes.

“And I love you” and with that he placed his lips on mine and we shared our first kiss of our anniversary.

“I love you too” I mumbled into his chest as he hugged me.

He pulled away from me and began walking out but he turned around and said “Now we better get ready I heard there’s a party tonight” and he winked at me.

“Is there really?” I laughed.

“Yep and it’s only downstairs so no need to rush beautiful” he smiled then walked out.


I looked over my appearance in the mirror I had decided on my black and pink strapless dress it had a black satin mesh on the outside with a black belt and a detailed black flower around the waist  and my nude heels. I had my hair curled and had decide on natural looking makeup and I had my new charm bracelet delicately placed on my wrist, I smiled happy with my appearance.

“You look beautiful” I heard Harry’s husky voice behind me I turned to see him stood in my doorway in the new stuff I had bought him.

“And you look handsome” I replied walking over to him and poking him in the chest.

He lifted my head up to meet his and he brushed his lips against mine before he crashed them together and we shared a long passionate kiss. When we pulled away for air Harry whispered “Happy one year anniversary babe, now come on people are arriving” I smiled at him as he pulled me out my room and down the stairs.

Rylee and Liam were first to arrive, Liam in a pair of jeans, supras and a checked shirt and Rylee in a white and black one shoulder dress and black heels she looked stunning her hair was also curled but her makeup was a bit more intense than mine. After that many more people arrived and the party was in full swing.

Some people already tipsy Harry and Rylee included. Me and Liam were still sober at the moment because we like to take it easy. Harry came up to me and whispered in my ear “Have a drink babe it won’t do any harm” I just laughed at him and gave him a quick but still passionate kiss when we broke apart he pulled me in for hug and when I looked over my shoulder I couldn’t help but notice Rylee’s saddened expression as she was cuddled into Liam. I frowned a bit curious what was up with my friend but I decided to drop it and asked Harry to dance.


Harry, Rylee and Liam were all really drunk now along with a lot of the other people in the room, but me I’d still only had a couple drinks. Harry kept asking me to loosen up and have more drinks but I just shook my head and carried on with what I was doing.

I was dancing in the middle of the ‘dance floor’ and even though at this point I was only tipsy I gave it my all and was in my own world so much so I never realised that Harry and Rylee were missing.

Harry’s POV

About half way through the night I was already drunk out of my mind but I was still aware of my surroundings. I kept trying to get Emma to loosen up as she wasn’t drinking much she never does at parties she always leaves only just tipsy. Everyone else however was completely different even Liam had loosened up now and he was drunk to along with Rylee although she still had the same sad expression she had, had on her face all night.

I decided I would ask her what was up and I took my chance when I realised she was alone by the drinks table.

“Hey Rylee you okay?” I slurred.

She nodded her head “Yeah im fine”

“Don’t bullshit me Rylee what’s up?” I almost shouted to be heard over the music.

“Nothing” she answered making her way upstairs to the first she found which was Emma’s. I followed her up determined to know what was up. I stumbled up the stairs a little from my drunken state but when I was at the top I made my way into Emma’s room to find Rylee perched on Emma’s bed looking at a picture sadness in her eyes. I carefully made my way over to her to stumbling a bit, and looked at the picture she was holding, it was the picture me and Emma took when we got bored one day and it turned out okay so she framed it.

I spoke startling her “Okay cut the crap what’s up?”

She jumped a little then looked up at me shaking her head “She’s perfect isn’t she” She mumbled.

I didn’t quite understand what she was getting at until I saw her eyes glance down at Emma on the picture. I sighed and walked over to sit next to Rylee on the bed “Yeah she is but that still doesn’t answer my question what’s up?” I slurred while placing my arm over her shoulders she shuddered a bit at first but then she relaxed and placed her head in the crook of my neck so I began stroking her hair.

“I-i-I’m jealous of her” she pointed at Emma.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because she’s perfect and…” she mumbled.

“And what Rylee?”

“And she has you” She sighed.

I don’t know what came over me but I put my finger under her chin and lifted her face up so she was looking into my eyes and I was looking into hers I began to lean down and gave her a peck on the lips, but then to my surprise it became more heated and passionate and within a blink of an eye I was on top of her with both of us just in our underwear our clothes scattered around the room. I was way too drunk to acknowledge what was going on but I knew I was going to regret it but for some reason that didn’t stop me and I just carried on.


We lay naked on Emma’s bed both panting out of breath. I turned to face Rylee.

“We shouldn’t have done that I’m sorry” and with that I got up and began to put my clothes back on and Rylee copied my actions.

“You should clean up then go back to the party” I slurred to her trying my best to clean up Emma’s room so it didn’t look suspicious.

Rylee just nodded and made her way to Emma’s bathroom, while I made my way downstairs to find the person I really loved dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

What have I done? What if I’ve just ruined the best year of my life…

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