One Drunken Mistake=A Lifetime Of Pain

Emma, Rylee, Liam and Harry have been best friends since they could remember. When a drunken mistake occurs at a party what will happen will everything fall apart...


22. My big day!


Emma’s POV

I can’t believe the day is finally here I’m getting married today! I felt sick with nerves my mind kept telling me everything will be okay but you see my heart was doing the exact opposite telling me I’m doing the wrong thing. What if I was? Did I truly love Nathan or did I just love what he did? Suddenly I felt nauseous and I ran to the toilet to be sick, I was so nervous I don’t even know why it was only going to be a small service at the registry office as obviously my parents couldn’t go so I only really had Danielle and Liam and the Nathan had his two best friends and then of course Max.

Nathan had taken Max to the hotel that was near the office with Liam while I stayed home with Danielle getting ready. I was only wearing a short simple white dress and a pair of nude high heels, I was having my hair curled and clipped to the side. Danielle was the same but her dress was a baby pink. When I had finally finished I fixed myself up In the mirror then called Danielle up to do our make up as we had to leave in an hour.

Liam’s POV

I can’t believe Emma was getting married, honestly I didn’t mind Nathan but he was not her the one you know her soul mate, he was more best friend material. Even though after everything Harry did I knew he was the one for her, I knew about everything he went through once she left he was pretty much on the verge of mental and that’s no word of a lie, it was then he proved to me how much of a mistake Rylee really was. Luckily he was getting better now and he told me he and Emma are talking again and they spent time together the past couple of days I just hope he knows what he’s doing.

That’s when I came up with a plan, we had an hour till the wedding I had to tell him where It is he needs to come and stop her make her realise.

To: Harry

From: Liam

Hey can you meet me at the registry office please I need help asking them to renew mine and Danielle’s vows? :) L xx

I hope he came fingers crossed all I can do now is hope as I waited for Danielle and Emma to arrive.

Harry’s POV

To: Harry

From: Liam

Hey can you meet me at the registry office please I need help asking them to renew mine and Danielle’s vows? :) L xx

I looked at the message confused; they only got married last year. Anyway I let it slide and got into my range rover making my way to the office hoping I got there quick enough for Liam’s liking.

Then suddenly a thought crossed my mind shouldn’t he be at Emma’s wedding right about now? And that’s when it clicked he had set me up well thought he had, when in fact he just helped move my plan along.

I could stop her, well try and it looked like Liam wanted me too as well for what reason I don’t know but I was going to grab and embrace the opportunity as I raced down the roads to the office.

Emma’s POV

This was it we had arrived and I could see Liam pacing in the corridor as me and Danielle walked in.

“What’s up Li Li?” I asked as I saw him turn round to look at us both.

“Nothing wow don’t you two look…wow” He muttered. “Anyway you ready? Max is in there with Nathan and his friends this is it Emma” Liam smiled.

“Not really but what the hey nothing I can do now let’s do this” Danielle smiled and my answer and Liam chuckled.

This was it I was getting married and again my mind was telling me it was right but my heart was telling me it was to the wrong person.

Nathan’s POV

As Emma walked through the door, I looked straight at her face and I could tell instantly she was nervous and she was just not herself. This isn’t the way it’s meant to be I’m meant to look up and see someone who looks excited and like they can’t wait to spend the rest of their life with me and I didn’t see that just pure fear.

It hurt a little to see her walk towards me with her all too familiar fake smile. I could her like a book she wasn’t only my fiancée she was my best friend no matter what happened. I knew everything about her; I knew about Max, I knew about Rylee but most of all I knew about Harry. She loved him I know she did I could tell by the way she used to talk about him to me and I honestly have never heard her speak of me that way. All these sudden thoughts made me wonder is this the right thing to do or should I let her go and let her be happy?

Harry’s POV

I was here right outside the door this was it all I had to do was push a handle and I could stop everything and maybe change everything for the better. I could hear the voices through the door and that’s when I heard it,

“If anyone objects to this marriage please speak now or forever hold your peace” I took this as my cue pushing down on the handle and stepping into the room.

“I object!” I called making everyone look at me especially Liam and Emma with big grins on their faces, well she’s happy to see me that’s a good sign right?

“Harry?” She asked looking now shocked as her facial expression changed I nodded at her.

“What are you doing here?” she gasped.

“I came to object to this, to this whole idea it’s crazy I love you Emma and I have since the day I told you we should get through everything together” She gasped again as I finished

“You remember that?”

“Of course I do it was one of the best days of my life and then onwards I wish it was me and you stood there it should be with our own baby as well as little Max I would treat him as my own” I paused as I saw Emma look away sheepishly.

“Harry I should tell you something” she stumbled on her words “Max he is yours, your Max’s dad Harry” I knew it, the thing is I couldn’t be mad at her honestly I didn’t blame her. “Are you mad?” She asked.

“Honestly no I don’t blame you one bit for keeping him away from me I deserved it, I deserved everything that happened to me but Emma I’ve learnt my lesson please let me prove it” She looked desperately between me and Nathan, until he spoke.

“Take him back Emma, you know it’s right I know it’s right god everyone in this room does but just remember you’ll always be my best friend” He smiled, well i was not expecting that.

Emma nodded before turning to me “I still love you Harry, I never stopped” and with that she ran towards me flinging her arms around me.

“I never stopped loving you either Emma” I whispered into her hair.

As I pulled away from her I unclipped my chain from around my neck and held it in my hand before grabbing Emma’s and placing it there “Take this as my promise”

Emma’s POV

I looked down at my hand to see Harry’s chain with something attached to it and at closer observation it was my engagement ring he had kept it all this time, I let a tear roll down my face before asking Harry to clip the chain together which he kindly agreed to.

“Maxi come here” I called, and giggled when I saw max’s curls bobbing as he ran towards us.

“You remember Harry, Max?” I asked him and he nodded in reply, “Well Maxi Harry is your Daddy” I smiled at him and he mirrored my actions before excitedly running towards Harry and screamed “Daddy” Making Harry beam with happiness, I liked this, this was the way it was meant to be one big family.

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